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Cemetery Wildlife
2 photos

Deer at the Cemetery
3 photos

Birds at the Cemetery
2 photos

BN Oak Masting
3 photos

HFP WC 2022
14 photos

For The Love Of Gumby! <3
66 photos
This album was created to share with family and friends that enjoy seeing the Gumby photos that I take. =)

67 photos

For Card Sets 2
8 photos

For Card Sets
126 photos

9 photos

Big Break BN
44 photos

Redwood RP BN
8 photos

30 photos

353 photos

Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird Calendar Candidates
1 photo
Hi Ross, This is a private album that I created with some photos of the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird that are uncropped versions for you to view to see if one may work for your 2018 calendar. I also...

BEs (A1)
8 photos

BEs (A1of2 P)
8 photos

2 photos

19 photos

1 photo

4 photos

Gray Foxes
28 photos

Red Foxes
4 photos

Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird at the UCSC Arboretum
29 photos
Some of my favorite photos that I've taken of the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird that has been visiting the UCSC Arboretum since the end of May 2016. I have many more to sort through and upload still!...

Butterflies on Me!
2 photos

79 photos
Some of my favorite photos that I've taken. =)

Bay Nature Magazine Covers
2 photos

Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird (Album 2)
31 photos
Lots More To Add Still.......

UCSC Arboretum
40 photos

UCSC Arboretum (Private)
1 photo
unedited photos

Blackhawk Plaza Ducklings and Goslings
8 photos

Point Montara Lighthouse
17 photos
Point Montara Lighthouse Montara, CA © Sally Rae Kimmel. All Rights Reserved. Please contact me if you would like to use any of my photographs. All of my photographs are copyright protected. They...

Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird (Private)
30 photos
Rare Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird UCSC Arboretum Santa Cruz, CA July 2016 (taken in the Australian Garden) © Sally Rae Kimmel. All Rights Reserved. Please contact me if you would like to use any...

Fishing at Big Break
39 photos

Mt Um
2 photos
May 2016

Opening Shot Idea for July-Sept 2016 Issue of Bay...
2 photos

Vargas Plateau RP (Album 2)
21 photos

Opening Shot: Wildflowers
61 photos

Pigeon Point Light Station SHP
103 photos
Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park (Pigeon Point Lighthouse) Pescadero, CA Hwy 1 California Coast

Fall Colors 2015
6 photos

San Ramon, California
6 photos

Vargas Plateau (Future) Regional Park
100 photos
Vargas Plateau Future Regional Park Land Bank Tour Fremont, CA Sat. 05-09-15 (Not open to the public yet)

Burrowing Owl Family
7 photos

Sunflowers at Andreotti's Family Farm
1 photo

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Park
1 photo

2 photos

Hiking With Kirk
3 photos

Contra Loma Regional Park
5 photos
Antioch, CA East Bay Regional Park

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
178 photos
East Bay Regional Park Antioch, CA

Tilton Ranch Tour (Thanks Janet! =) )
4 photos
Tilton Ranch Tour with Janet Burback (and Jasper!) Madrone, CA Sat. 02-14-15 issuu.com/baynature/docs/bnv15n2_final_bookshipped_singles

4 photos

Valley Yellow Pages Phone Book Cover
2 photos
My photo was on the cover of the Contra Costa County East 2013-14 Valley Yellow Pages Phone Book.

Marsh Creek 8 Big Bend Hike 06-01-14
20 photos
Save Mount Diablo Marsh Creek 8 Big Bend Hike 06-01-14

Signs from my Sister
7 photos

13 photos

Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project/Hamilton...
1 photo
For: On The Trail: Hamilton Airfield Hamilton/Bel Marin Keys Wetlands Restoration Project Hamilton Bay Trail Novato, CA (Hamilton Levee Breach photos in separate album)

Tidepool Life
37 photos

Christmas 2013 at Orchard Nursery
91 photos
The city that I live in has the best nursery and at Christmastime it's transformed into a Christmas lovers paradise! There are numerous theme trees and so many unique ornaments and gifts, and there...

Orange theme
13 photos

Perkins Canyon
1 photo
After the Morgan Fire Mount Diablo State Park Morgan Territory Road (all photos taken after the Morgan Fire that started on September 8,...

San Mateo County Central
7 photos

Poison Oak
2 photos

Heather Farms Park
4 photos

Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline
8 photos

Crown Memorial State Beach
15 photos

211 photos

Dragonflies and Damselflies
38 photos

19 photos

61 photos

15 photos

9 photos

Monarch Butterflies Overwintering Dec. 2011- Jan....
82 photos
Monarch Butterflies overwintering in Fremont, CA at Ardenwood Historic Farm (East Bay Regional Park) and Coyote Hills Regional Park. The clusters are only in the eucalyptus trees at Ardenwood, but...

Ladybugs Overwintering: Redwood Regional Park
64 photos
Up in the hills in Oakland, CA, in Redwood Regional Park, (one of the East Bay Regional Parks), ladybugs overwinter and it is truly an amazing sight to see! This was my first time seeing...

Atmospheric Optical Phenomena
15 photos

Ardenwood Historic Farm
72 photos

Briones Regional Park
27 photos

Coyote Hills Regional Park
128 photos

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area
25 photos
Field of yellow Mustard Flowers taken on 03-28-11.

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve
7 photos

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
12 photos

Redwood Regional Park
36 photos

Sunol Regional Wilderness
11 photos

Tilden Regional Park
11 photos

Mount Diablo State Park
111 photos

San Pablo Recreation Area/San Pablo Reservoir
11 photos

Lafayette Reservoir
152 photos

Valle Vista Staging Area
10 photos
Moraga, CA

California Academy of Sciences
34 photos

Breuner Marsh
77 photos

Bohemia Ecological Preserve
129 photos
Celebration & Open Meadows 05-06-12

Yellow Mustard (and Clover) Flowers
24 photos

72 photos

Hwy 1 California Coast
84 photos
Photos of Hwy 1 Coast including: Pigeon Point Lighthouse Greyhound Rock Beach Waddell Creek Bridge area Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 06-17-12

Project Photos
60 photos

10 photos

Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP
86 photos
Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve San Mateo/Half Moon Bay, CA Photos taken July 2012 (between 07/20 and 07/31) on the following trails: Purisima Creek Trail, Harkins Ridge Trail, Whittemore...

Half Moon Bay
1 photo

Amphibians and Reptiles
3 photos

11 photos

King-Swett Ranches
62 photos
King-Swett Ranches Solano Land Trust (aka Sky Valley-Cordelia Hills Open Space) The King-Swett Ranches are currently open to the public for staff or docent-led activities only, so see their website...

Big Break Regional Shoreline
146 photos

IV. Climate Change (April-June 2013) Photo...
1 photo