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Portraits – Valerie Tarico
3 photos

Vancouver, BC
5 photos

Hawaii 2015
8 photos

Hawaii, Then & Now
2 photos
Pics taken some thirty years apart of Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii – Kauai
50 photos

Quartzite Mountain
5 photos
On the edge of the Colville National Forest near Chewelah, Washington.

3 photos

Blog – Moving with the Wind
1 photo

Blog – Healing from Hell Horror
1 photo

Blog – Life Celebration, Mary Suominen
12 photos

Aaron’s Rocks
8 photos
My oldest son collects rocks. Here are some photos I took of a few of them.

Blog – Mauna Kea
7 photos

Blog – Midway
5 photos

Blog – Lucretius on Love
3 photos

18 photos
Reproductions of some of the beautiful engravings done by Gustav Doré (1832-1883). Photographed with the Amazing Pocket Camera, my little Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7, in full sunlight from The Bible in...

Public Domain
20 photos
These images are in the public domain, despite the “CC - Attribution” license that Flickr requires as its least restrictive. Enjoy!

Blog – Problems with Paul
2 photos

7 photos

Blog – Eventide
6 photos

Blog – The Memes Shall Inherit the Earth
4 photos

Personal Favorites
143 photos
These are some of my own favorite pics from my photostream. My blog: edsuom.com.

Featured on FB
54 photos
Copies of which appear, grudgingly, on Facebook.

Photo Essay: Vistas
7 photos

Photo Essay: Hawaii
11 photos

Photo Essay: Flora in Focus
10 photos

Photo Essay: Night
23 photos

Photo Essay: From Above
7 photos

Photo Essay: Forest
7 photos

Photo Essay: Shoreline
21 photos

Palouse Falls
8 photos

Eastern Washington Vistas
36 photos

Riverfront Park
8 photos

Four-Legged Family
20 photos
There are thirty legs in our family. You do the math.

34 photos
Photos taken in, of, and around Spokane, Washington.

Taken by Others
14 photos
Photos taken by family members and given some finishing touches in Lightroom by me.

Silent Night
10 photos
The silent streets of a small town in Eastern Washington after the snow stops falling.

My Favorite Woods
114 photos
I go here to drink deeply of life in the Inland Northwest of Washington State.

Sunrise, Sunset
35 photos

The Cascades
11 photos
Shots taken of or near the beautiful Cascade Mountain range in Washington State.

Flora in Focus
80 photos
Flora up close and personal, with distracting backgrounds blurred away by a wide aperture.

Details, Details...
67 photos
Photography, up close & personal

Night, or Nearly So
73 photos

112 photos

Colville National Forest
29 photos
The gigantic and beautiful Colville National Forest in Northeastern Washington State.

Beauty Nearby
80 photos
There is some amazing beauty available right nearby, if you care to look.

Monterey, CA
12 photos

Western WA – Summer 2012
29 photos

Looking Closely at Cool Stuff
48 photos
It doesn’t have to be alive (anymore) or even natural to be an interesting subject.

San Francisco
36 photos
The first stop on the 2013 trip was San Francisco.

363 photos
Photography from my 2013 trip to Hawaii. These images are further organized into smaller sets.

Hawaii – Big Island
128 photos
Hawaii, the “Big Island” of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii – Big Island – Lone Tree in Lava
6 photos
A lone tree growing in a 1935 lava field from Mauna Loa, which looms in the distance. As the view gets closer in, you see branches and further branches, and then individual leaves. No, I don’t...

Hawaii – Big Island – 1935 Lava Flow
5 photos

Hawaii – Big Island – Mauna Kea
30 photos
Driving up to the 13,796 foot summit (very near it, at least) of Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Hawaii – Oahu
39 photos

Hawaii – Molokai
141 photos
The beautiful island of Molokai, where tourists are welcome to visit but not necessarily stay. Other than Ni’ihau, which is off-limits to us haoles, it is the most Hawaiian of the Hawaiian Islands....

Hawaii – Molokai – Kalaupapa
48 photos
Damien Tours: Down the pali on a mule to Molokai’s Kalaupapa Peninsula.

Hawaii – Maui
41 photos
Taken on the Hawaiian island of Maui

Hawaii - Big Island - Volcanoes National Park
37 photos
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Hawaii – Flora in Focus
52 photos
Close-ups and focused shots of Hawaiian flora: plants and their flowers, when they have them. There are both native and invasive species here; I don’t distinguish so long as it’s pretty. Taken...

Hawaii – Before Haoles
12 photos
Sites shown: — Puʻuhonua O Hōnaunau, the “City of Refuge” on Hawaii’s Big Island. The Great Wall separating the sanctuary from the palace grounds was built in the 1500s with no...

Pacific Northwest – Flora in Focus
23 photos
Flora of the Pacific Northwest up close or with individual focus. In the piney woods of the Inland Northwest, mostly.

Blog – Endings
3 photos

Blog – Invocation to Venus
8 photos
Photos accompanying the text of my blog posting “Invocation to Venus” blog.edsuom.com/2014/03/invocation-to-venus.html There is an priceless work of ancient literature that rests, now safely...

Blog – Vintage Valley
13 photos
Scenes from the little old town of Valley, WA, established 1882. Featured in my blog posting “Vintage Valley.”

Blog – Reflections
13 photos
Taken at a little lake tucked in the Colville National Forest. See my blog post “Reflections” at blog.edsuom.com/2012/08/reflections.html

Blog – Coral
9 photos
Coral exposed at low tide on a rocky beach. On the Hawaiian Island of Molokai. Some of these images are shown in my blog posting Coral.

Blog – Madame Pele
8 photos
See my blog posting “Madame Pele.”

Blog – Paradise
18 photos
Selections from the 2013 Hawaii trip that I featured in my blog posting “Paradise.” It discusses the historical and religious background of the idea of paradise. A few related photos are...

Blog – Darkness
16 photos
Photos following the theme of the posting “Darkness” on my blog.

Blog – Country Winter
43 photos
See my blog posting Country Winter.

9 photos
The campus of Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA.

Neighbor’s Garden
8 photos
A few shots from my neighbor’s garden.

RC Helicopters
5 photos
Remote control helicopters. Not such an expensive hobby once you figure out how not to crash (mostly).

Forest Focus
5 photos
The central point of each image is the same, but the view changes dramatically as you look ever closer.

14 photos
The wonders of life as a child.

Not CC Licensed
53 photos
I don’t permit copying (outside of Flickr’s Terms of Service, and Facebook’s, if also posted there) of just a few pictures. They tend to be ones that have a human subject in them.