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99 items

12 photos
World Wide KAP Week 2019

Gruppo Sportivo
5 photos
The 'Great' club tour. Live in P3, Purmerend, Friday November 23rd, 2018.

RCA AR-88D WW II HF Intercept receiver
15 photos
Inspired by the many books I read about the Enigma and Bletchley park I decided to buy myself one of the famous receivers that were used to intercept the morse code and RTTY signals sent by the...

40 photos
Platbodems op de bodem van het Wad. Om en rond Terschelling.

48 photos

21 photos
Album entirely dedicated to the hamlet of Uitdam.

2 photos

De Schermer
105 photos
Water became land

Hondsbossche Zeewering
19 photos
Voor en na...

12 photos
World Wide KAP Week 2014

HAM radio
100 photos, 2 videos
Antennas, equipment, activities, related to HAM radio.

Stelling van Amsterdam
33 photos
Defence line of Amsterdam

Summer holiday 2013
3 photos

Radio Kootwijk
12 photos
The former radio station “Radio Kootwijk” is situated in the heart of the “Veluwe” centred in a wonderful natural reserve area. It is a unique establishment that is highly valued for its...

9 photos
Just west of Hoorn, North-Holland

38 photos

Westfriese Omringdijk
55 photos
Project for 2013, 2014, 2015 and beyond.

16 photos

KAP kites
7 photos
Kites now in use for Kite Aerial Photography, KAP

Terschelling - Herfstvakantie 2012
6 photos

14 photos
Kite Aerial Photography on the former island of Marken, Waterland, situated in Lake IJsselmeer.

12 photos
Eye film Institute, Amsterdam

Best of KAP
1106 photos
Kite Aerial Photography

Terschelling - Zomervakantie 2012
44 photos

Adventure Park SaPlaza
60 photos
Laura's verjaardagsfeest, 1 juli 2012

11 photos
A dedicated set for the 5th World Wide KAP Week.

76 photos
Collection of the picturesque villages in the region of Waterland, just north of Amsterdam.

Graft - De Rijp
20 photos
De Rijp is een dorp in de gemeente Graft-De Rijp, in de Nederlandse provincie Noord-Holland. Het is de geboorteplaats van Jan Adriaanszoon Leeghwater. De Rijp was in de 17e, 18e en 19e eeuw zeer...

Slag om de Zaan 2012
11 photos
Zaterdag 21 april 2012. Een dag vol regen maar ook met droge perioden en een stevige zuidwester bries. Ideaal om een "survival of the fittest" onder de roeidames te houden. Dat het afzien...

16 photos
Enkhuizen aerial photographs

36 photos
Before you can have a new and bigger kitchen placed you need to do some preparations...

28 photos
KAP in Hoorn.

Terschelling oktober 2011
44 photos
LHerfstvakantie in Formerum

Schouwburg Het Park, Hoorn
14 photos
KAP sessie bij schouwburg Het Park in Hoorn, aan het IJsselmeer.

KAP dag Blauwe Stad - Beerta
26 photos
A great day for low wind KAP near Beerta, Groningen.

La Toscana - summer holiday 2011
48 photos

De Huisman
32 photos
Newer and older materials

Escalles - Meivakantie 2011
12 photos

6 photos

Slag om de Zaan 2011
18 photos
Impression of the yearly sloop race on the Zaan river.

15 photos
Both KAP and groundshots

Sunset or Sunrise
74 photos
Or Sunrise and Sunset

Lutineprijs 2010 - Gerrit Bart Volgers
16 photos
December 17, 2010. Terschelling Town hall, West-Terschelling.

20 photos
KAP in and over Spijkerboor, a small town in the centre of North-Holland.

Terschelling, oktober 2010
30 photos

Lumix LX5
103 photos
Test photos and more.

31 photos
World Wide KAP Week 2010. Third consecutive KAP event to unite the KAP world.

Boekpresentatie 'Kunst en vliegwerk'
5 photos
In co-operation with Arjen Kok, Gerrit Bart released his second KAP book on Friday June 4th 2010. We were invited to whitness this. Also thanks to the weather this was a fantastic day. Worth while to...

De Efteling
7 photos, 1 video

26 photos
World Wide KAP Week 2008. Very first edition.

Terschelling - Meivakantie 2010
68 photos
Naar Terschelling heen...

Op de Zaan
29 photos
Met de boot.

El barco
18 photos
Finally we bought a boat...

Industrial heritage
45 photos
Old industrial buildings

61 photos
1-1-2010, 1-1-2011

Wijdsche blicken
204 photos
Een collectie luchtfoto's gemaakt met behulp van vliegers. Het begin is van september 2006, het einde is nog onbekend.

Terschelling, oktober 2009
85 photos, 1 video
Herfstvakantie 2009, om precies te zijn. Grondfoto's en luchtfoto's door mekaar.

WWKP (World Wide KAP Project)
11 photos
My contribution to the project initiated by my Argentinian friend Ramiro Priegue. A big white ripstop nylon banner will make a trip around the world ans will be photographed on various places from a...

9 photos

VOC Ship "Amsterdam"
13 photos

Mallorca 2009 - Port d'Alcudia
30 photos
Kite Aerial Photography from the 'playa'.

18 photos
New urban sprawl in the Zaan region with a touch of art, science and taste.

Zaanslag 2009
22 photos
Boats and water and windmills, all during Zaanslag, a yearly event where teams row against each other in sloops.

9 photos, 3 videos
Testing 1, 2.

National Geographic logo
28 photos
Both aerials and groundials on the NatGeo Logo. These pictures will be use for World Wide KAP Week and for the National Geographic Month of the Earth contest.

Terschelling mei 2009
129 photos, 1 video
Meivakantie 2009 op Terschelling

77 photos
Contributions to the World Wide Kite Aerial Photography Week 2009 Made during our holiday on the island of Terschelling.

Flowerbulbs - revisited
35 photos
Taken in the so-called polders 'Beemster' and 'Schermer', in the middle of the province of North-Holland on a beautiful sunny spring day.

KAP related work
67 photos
What happens before and after doing KAP

20 photos, 4 videos
All delta kites I own or flew with.

33 photos
More will follow

Westzijderveld - ijspret - ice fun
28 photos
What I hoped for came true. Perfect conditions on a perfect spot. A mild and stable breeze from the south, well-functioning gear - both kite and rig - and a great audience. Couldn't be any better...

A day at the races
11 photos
Nearly lost a delta... But retrieved it. I just couldn't stand the thought it would spend some very cold nights and days in the middle of nowhere in a reed-strip.

19 photos
One of the villages that form the city called Zaanstad. This is one of the most northern places.

Het Prinsenhof
146 photos
Oude pelmolen uit 1722 in het Westzijderveld bij Westzaan. Deze set bevat zowel lucht- als grondfoto's

Lockheed Constellation
8 photos
And it is able to fly too!

Home Improvement Project
167 photos
Some work ahead of us, but when done...

Mallorca 2008
17 photos
Three occasions resulted in this selection of kite aerials near Cala d'Or, Mallorca.

Kappix 'Nippon' Rokkaku
16 photos, 1 video
This is the first kite I ever made myself. My sister - a pro - did the sewing, I did the cutting and the bridle job.

47 photos
Scaled down or on-scale dinosaurs at the Dino Forest, Zoo Amersfoort. And of course, they are not real...

F-Box storm kite
15 photos, 1 video
F-Box convertible box kite. With wings, without wings. With topsail, without topsail. With full bridle, without bridle. And so on and so forth. This is a versatile kite which even appears to be a...

Zaanslag Zaanse Schans 31st May 2008
41 photos
Boat race over former river De Zaan. Nearly 18 km of battering your hands with some more in a "sloep" For all pictures: All rights reserved ©

25 photos, 1 video
Pictures of the extended Cody, for Anthony and Fanny. Have a look at www.knutsengruppen.pe1ouw.nl/Vliegeren3a.html

Video footage
29 videos
All but photographs

AuRiCo stream (for Peter Engels)
10 photos
Pictures made with a rig controlled by an AuRiCo module.

Flower bulbs from the air
94 photos
An impression from several meters up. Material added from a session in April 2009 and April 2010

New RIG Gerrit Bart and its Maiden Flight
15 photos

Mechanics and Electronics
89 photos
Hardware and software

66 photos, 10 videos
Kites that are/can be/need to be/have been used for Kite Aerial Photography

83 photos
Family members, friends, unknown individuals and other human beings that appeared in front of one of the lenses.

176 photos
The beauty of nature.

Small planets
10 photos

665 photos, 3 videos
Terschelling from a birdseye view. And more.

Us, from a kite's view
174 photos
Us, from a kite's view.

Urban sprawl
62 photos

588 photos
Windmills (both KAP and terra firma shots)

18 photos

153 photos, 2 videos
A cacophony of many subjects and objects.

The Complete Kappix
1959 photos
The complete KAP collection at a glance.