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User / Dick Bulch / Sets
34 items

500 pubs 3
98 photos

500 pubs 2
115 photos

Baltimore Tower London
3 photos

1 photo

12 photos

40 photos

Panoramic views of London
123 photos

The Tower Vauxhall
8 photos
Pictures of a new residential tower during its construction in Vauxhall London

General Infrared Pictures
35 photos

London Infrared pictures
50 photos

Pinhole pictures
2 photos

The Heron
4 photos
Pictures taken during the building of a new 36 floor tower in EC2

London Plaques
33 photos

The Pinnacle
2 photos

Old Advertising
20 photos

Shard Of Glass
43 photos
Pictures taken during the construction of what will be the countrys tallest building on Londons Southbank

Various Pictures
49 photos

10 photos

Autumn Colours
28 photos

40 photos

Londons Doors
1 photo

Vintage London Advertising
49 photos

The Gherkin
10 photos

Military Vehicles
21 photos

Macro shots
163 photos

Londons last working Routemaster buses
16 photos
i am trying to get a picture of the last Routemasters on the heritage routes numbers 9 & 15 before they all disapear forever

General pictures
70 photos

London at night
253 photos

Londons forgotten street advertising
49 photos
Pictures of long forgotten advertising around the streets of London

Londons lost pubs
610 photos
Pictures of the many closed pubs that i sadly see on my travels in London

London Heron tower
18 photos
This is the Heron tower near Liverpool St station London, when its finished it will be the tallest building in the City of London

London Pan Peninsula
38 photos
Pictures of The Pan Peninsula development in Londons docklands just behind Canary Wharf, this is the tallest residential building in the UK, I took a picture at the start of the project in November...

London Barclays Bank Canary Wharf
11 photos
Pictures taken of Barclays bank headquarters in Canary Wharf London

Pictures of London
341 photos