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4 photos
+this is a collection of landscapes that I had seen while hiking the Sierra High Route back in 2016 that I wanted to photograph in better light, but wasn't able to get while on that trip, so I made...

High Sierra 2021
19 photos, 6 videos

Best Portraits
9 photos

Memorial Day 2019
4 photos
With no clear idea of where I was going, I grabbed my gear and left. There was a thunderstorm that I wanted to catch but other than that I had no plan. Over several ridges of mountains and down into...

contrast of seasons along the sespe river
3 photos

Best of 2020
22 photos

The Los Padres National Forest
114 photos

High Sierra Miter Basin Hike 2020
26 photos, 4 videos

photos with poems
12 photos
poems write to accompany photos

Green Rivers
5 photos

Sounds of Nature
5 videos
these are videos that highlight the natural sounds of nature. check out my bandcamp page for more: wildernesswanderer.bandcamp.com/

17 photos

1 photo

the view from Highway 33
9 photos
I have spent many nights sleeping in my car at this particular spot along highway 33 in the Los Padres National Forest. It is a spectacular view from here, never the same, always changing, at least...

Trees And Lakes
8 photos

Wilderness Wandering Videos
23 videos

Over 20k Views
4 photos, 1 video

Best Of 2019
11 photos

Sierra Trip 2019
27 photos, 6 videos

sierra trip 2019
1 photo

recordings of natural soundscapes on BandCamp
2 photos
I have started doing recordings of nature soundscapes, or the natural sounds of the wilderness while out on my photography trips or while backpacking. I have created a BandCamp account where these...

To Glimpse The Sky
3 photos

High Uintas Wilderness, Utah 2018
16 photos

Wilderness Wanderers
18 photos, 1 video
Wilderness wanderer Where do you come from Where do you go Who have you met as you wander Through forests green Over mountains tall Across ocean like prairies And from sea to spreading sea Your...

Nature Abstracts
22 photos

My Favorites
145 photos, 1 video
a selection of my favorite photos that I have taken

Bear Trap And Upper Reyes
4 photos

Over 10,000 Views (10k)
9 photos, 1 video

Lily Meadows and Sheep Camp
19 photos
Sheep camp is the highest elevation backpacking campsite in Ventura County and both lily meadows and sheep camp are on the same trail. both are on my favorites list as well.

over 5k views
16 photos

Metal concerts
5 photos

High Sierra Wanderings & Happy Trails
93 photos, 14 videos
A solo, 40 day, cross country journey through the High Sierra mountain wilderness of California. This story is true to the best of my memory. There is no antagonist, no great conflict or epic...

10 photos, 1 video

The Wisdom of Trees
46 photos

over 1k views
129 photos, 4 videos

Yosemite backpacking trip summer 2015
12 photos, 1 video
We started at a trailhead on Glacier Point Road in Yosemite national park, 7000ft, we then hiked 6.2 miles to Ostrander Lake, 8500ft, where we spent the first night. The next morning we did a cross...

33 photos

44 photos

Ventura Music Festival 2013
3 photos

9 photos

the Old Ridge Road
7 photos
the many faces of my favorite locations to photograph this veiw that you see in this set, and that I travel 75 miles one way to photograph and enjoy, is set to be developed into a new town called...

Ventura Music Festival 2012
6 photos

pictures titled after songs
6 photos

28 photos

5 photos
This is something new I have been wanting to try for a while. This set of images are photos of the different shades of colors in the sky after the sun goes below the horizon. Each image in this...

Ventura Music Festival 2012: Spanish Harlem...
4 photos
One of the hottest salsa orchestras on the Latin jazz scene today, this 2011 Grammy-winning ensemble brought their feisty, big-brass New York City sound to Ventura for the 2012 Ventura Music...

Joshua Tree National Park
10 photos

20 videos
things you just can't capture in a photograph

7 photos, 1 video

11 photos

49 photos

timelapse video
3 videos

scans, older stuff
9 photos
I was going over some of my older photos and I found these. they where taken With film and scaned.

19 photos

Carrizo Plain
20 photos

Eastern Sierras
41 photos
Photographs from my favorite place in the world. (that I have been to so far)

139 photos

Ventura Music Festival 2011
7 photos

Ventura Music Festival 2009
7 photos

1 photo

black and white landscapes
23 photos

stormy skies
22 photos

pastels of sun rise and set
3 photos
does not include pink moment

Black and white
27 photos

6 photos

Channel Islands
9 photos

15 photos, 1 video

man made
26 photos

3 photos

4 photos