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Philip Kuntz / 2,905 items
Another view to cool you. The memory of standing here sure refreshes me.

Looking north up Falls Creek as it flows in to Oregon's Sparks Lake. This was my 3rd time hoping to see Sparks Lake and drive the Cascade Lake Highway. Opened the day after I arrived in Bend this time. Snow canyons driving the highway, only saw a few other vehicles. Very quiet and peaceful. Highlight of the trip. However, Sparks Lake was completely covered with snow and ice. Perhaps late June next time.

I believe that's the SW side of Broken Top and Moon Mtn in the distance. So many peaks, buttes and cones around Bend. Love it.

Should be the last triple digit day here, hopefully for the rest of the year.

Welcome to August! May it be cooler than July.

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  • Taken: May 23, 2022
  • Uploaded: Aug 1, 2022
  • Updated: Aug 9, 2022