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My Favorites
310 photos
These images are my favorites. Hope you like them too. Thanks for looking.

277 photos
One of my primary objectives and fascinations with photography is hunting and image-shooting wildlife. No animal is injured, harmed or scared and I thereafter have the visual memories of our...

78 photos
Who doesn't love birds? They are fascinating, and very challenging targets. These are some of my favorites. Thanks for looking!

219 photos

117 photos
Some images from the magical arrival or departure of the Sun. Thanks for looking.

305 photos

198 photos
Who doesn't love waterfalls? I'm a waterfall hunter. Here are a few that I've visited. I look forward to bagging many more waterfalls down the road. Thanks for checking them out.

264 photos
Nature's beauty really comes out in the Fall. Here are some of my favorite places with their best finery and jewels on.

113 photos
Tributes to the great Ansel Adams.

362 photos
Interestingness: Not sure how or why some photos are selected and others not. These are some of my better images, but not necessarily my best. I have many that I consider better that didn't make...

249 photos
I lived in beautiful Idaho for my first 40 years, but now live, and love, my new home state of Washington. The Pacific NW is full of nature's bounty and blessings. Here are just a few of the...

Mt. Rainier
126 photos
Also known locally as The Mountain. Truly a remarkable, and unforgettable, natural wonder.

Olympic National Park
64 photos
Washington state has so many varying types of natural wonders. The ONP is one of the most beautiful and precious. We had the pleasure of spending a week here in June 2013. Can't wait to return!

The Palouse
63 photos
The Palouse is a region of the northwestern United States, encompassing parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho and, in some definitions, extending south into northeast Oregon. It is a...

Palouse Falls
21 photos
The Palouse Falls lies on the Palouse River, about 4 mi (6 km) upstream of the confluence with the Snake River in southeast Washington, United States. The falls are 198 ft (60 m) in height. The falls...

247 photos
Idaho is the only state that was possibly named as the result of a hoax although this is disputed. The exact origin of the name remains a mystery.In the early 1860s, when the United States Congress...

111 photos
One of Idaho's best kept secrets. Not as high as the Tetons, but many more peaks to admire in this large range.

79 photos
Big Sky Country. Indeed. Also Gorgeous country. Montana is a state in the Western United States. The western third of the state contains numerous mountain ranges; other 'island' ranges are found...

Glacier Park
96 photos
One never gets enough of fabulous Glacier National Park. My 6th visit. Sure there will be many more. A few visual souvenirs from my visit.

103 photos
Fortunate that Oregon is next door. A spectacular state full of natural wonders, similar to Washingtons.

Smith Rock
82 photos
Smith Rock State Park is a state park located in central Oregon's high desert near the towns of Redmond and Terrebonne. Its sheer cliffs of tuff and basalt are ideal for rock climbing of all...

22 photos
Yellowstone and Teton Park's are the primary draws to Wyoming, but there is much much more beauty to amaze any visitor.

177 photos
My fifth trip to this amazing natural wonder. Smiles by the miles in Yellowstone.

Grand Tetons
32 photos

130 photos
The Last Frontier is a wonderland for us photographers. A few visual souvenirs from a trip in Aug/Sept 2015.

Along the AlCan Highway
41 photos
An amazing drive thru British Columbia, the Yukon into Alaska.

68 photos
A most amazing place. Disneyland for Photographers.

BANFF National Park
243 photos
Wish I lived here. Heaven on Earth. Go see and Believe. Banff is the largest town in Banff National Park, in Alberta's Rockies, Canada. It is also the first incorporated municipality located...

Jasper National Park
97 photos
Love it here! "Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spanning 11,000 km2 (4,200 sq mi). It is located in the province of Alberta, north of Banff National...

89 photos
This life-changing drive between Lake Louise and Jasper in Alberta is considered one of the most spectacular in the world. I certainly agree. I don't think I've ever grinned so much nor been as...

Canadian Rockies
212 photos

66 photos
The amazing region south of Banff. Just more of the same. Spectacular!

Moraine Lake
56 photos
Enchanting, idyllic and serene. Lake Moraine is an earthly treasure that positively impacts and moves all who visit. A personal favorite, where we spent our honeymoon, exploring the area and...

Lake Louise
32 photos
One of the most visited, and cherished places on the planet. Radiant, vivid and sensational. Thank you for viewing my images and photostream. Lake Louise is a lake in Alberta, Canada. The glacial...

Peyto Lake
28 photos
Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The lake itself is easily accessed from the Icefields Parkway. It was named for Bill Peyto, an early trail guide and...

Maligne Lake
32 photos
A slice of heaven on earth. Maligne Lake is a lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is located 44 km (27 mi) south of Jasper town site, accessible by motor vehicle. Boat trips run to...

British Columbia
120 photos
A wonderful trip to our neighbor to the north. Primarily spent it at Whistler. Also enjoyed Kelowna and exploring this amazing province.

Yoho Park
34 photos

The Yukon
8 photos

Mtn. Peaks
321 photos
I'm drawn to the grandeur and majesty of mountain peaks. They are Earth's natural cathedrals to me. Thanks for viewing some of my favorites.

76 photos
Fascinated by volcanoes. Here are a few I've visited.

Scenic Highways
97 photos
Loves I love to travel....

86 photos
Hiking is one of my favorite activities. Also goes hand in hand with image hunting. Here are some of the trails I've had the pleasure to hike and experience. Thanks for hiking along with me.

Snow Scenes
80 photos
Taken around the house.

16 photos
My primary photographic objective is mountains, glaciers and the gorgeous, lush ecosystems there. Glacier are the source of so much that makes them special.

133 photos
Moody weather that left a lasting imprint...........

158 photos

217 photos

29 photos

Coeur d'Alene
29 photos
The Lake, City and Area Glad I live nearby. Worked in CdA till retirement. I'm not the only one who loves, it as the city and area has exploded in population. Still mighty pretty.

Lake Cascade
30 photos
Lake Cascade (or originally “Cascade Reservoir”) is located on the North Fork of the Payette River in Valley County, Idaho, USA, in the Boise National Forest. It is the fourth largest lake or...

51 photos
I must have some Druid ancestry as I love trees. I live in a forest, wouldn't have it any other way. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks for taking a look.

35 photos
Images where the clouds steal the show....

Benches & Bridges
56 photos
I love to walk, or hike, and find a nice bench with a scenic view to take in while relaxing on it. Here are some that I've enjoyed hours on. Returning to these photos helps me thru the long winters.

18 photos

54 photos

The Colors of Nature
60 photos

45 photos
Geological textures fascinate me. Here are some of my favorites.

Glacier Park, June 2012
36 photos

Yellowstone 2012
84 photos
One can't go wrong visiting America's first National Park. So much to enjoy here. Thanks for a taking a look at my visual souvenirs.

Glacier Park, 2011
64 photos
I enjoyed a marvelous trip to Glacier Park at the end of July. Was just me and my little companion Theodore in our truck camper. Camped at Apgar, Many Glacier and Two Medicine. Here are some...

Highline Trail
26 photos
Some images taken during my hike along Glacier Park's incredible Highline Trail in the summer of 2010. The weather was stormy, nicely cool and moody. I desired to see the tops of Mt. Oberlin,...

Going To The Sun Road, 2010
101 photos
Some images from America's premier scenic drive (IMHO). A "Disneyland for Nature Lovers." Thanks for looking!

Glacier Park, 2009
98 photos
Glacier National Park is located in the U.S. state of Montana, bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia to the North and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to the East....

Banff Gondola
28 photos
A MUST-do activity when visiting Beautiful Banff.

Waterton Park
18 photos
Another chunk of heaven. From Wikipedia: Waterton Lakes National Park is a national park located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada, and borders Glacier National Park in Montana, USA....

41 photos

23 photos
Tess is an American Eskimo. m'Lady is 1/2 Papillon and 1/2 Shih Tzu Theodore (Teddy) is 1/2 Poodle and 1/2 Shih Tzu. Guess that gives us 1 Shih Tzu ! We couldn't be happier. They are...

24 photos
Very Important People, in my life.

From my Den Window
62 photos
Views from our home. I'm blessed to see these special critters and birds from my computer desk.

25 photos
Some people like eagles, wolves, dragons, etc. As do I. But my favorite fellow creature is the innocent, fragile (yet frisky) and very endearing fawn. Here are some photos taken from my den...

Wild Neighbors
74 photos
These wildlife shots were taken of animals that visit our nature preserve. They always bring me a smile. Hope they do you too.

15 photos

Beats a Tent
16 photos

35mm Photos
20 photos
Older shots of special places taken with my old Canon EOS Elan II.

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Re Dos
4 photos
Images I processed long ago before I had decent software or acquired skills. A set for me to remember to go back and improve them.

Getty Images
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Images selected by Getty Images.