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Into September now and I still haven't been back to the Lake District since C19 kicked off, I guess I'm just builing up a appetite for it... I decided on the spare of the moment without even bothering to check the weather to book a few days in Snowdonia, I fiugred that even if the weather went dreary I could just head to Dinorwic Quarry and embrace the gloom as it often looks great in wet and dramatic weather....

I'd never really got anything I liked from this location before and hadn't planned to shoot it on this trip, but the B&B was only 5 minutes away, the conditions looked good the night before, and I'd also get my breakfast before a day in the hills so I talked myself into it...

As it happens I'm glad I did as this is to date the best image I've got from here, definitely worth crouching down in the water and getting a soaked backside for anyway!

The eruption of light over the tops of Dinorwic was great but quiet brief, the hardest part of getting this shot was getting the tree as still as possible during the exposure as you can see by the water movement it was (annoyingly) fairly windy, a couple of grads on for the sky was giving me around a second and then just had to stare at the tree to wish it to keep still.

For anyone like minded who is wondering, the Breakfast was great :-) even with a wet backside.


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  • Taken: Sep 2, 2020
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