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Paula Satijn / 16 items

Paula in ball gowns
1511 photos
Ball gowns are so feminine, elegant and classy. I love wearing them.

Paula in cocktail dresses
1961 photos, 1 video
I prefer cocktail dresses with short wide skirts, often with a petticoat.

Paula's stockings
2439 photos, 3 videos
I love wearing stockings and fondle them a lot.

Paula in short skirts
2717 photos
I love to wear short skirts; they are comfortable to wear, sexy and show my legs and stockings so well.

Paula in satin nighties
1274 photos, 2 videos
Me wearing my satin nighties, including both short chemises and full length nightdresses.

Paula in satin teddies
401 photos
Me wearing my satin teddies. I just love wearing them; the best lingerie ever!

Paula in satin costumes
543 photos
So much fun to wear!

Girls in shiny shorts
209 photos
Pretty girls wearing shiny satin shorts.

Girls in satin teddies & nighties
128 photos
Pretty girls in sexy satin teddies and nighties.

Girls in ballgowns
850 photos
Elegant young ladies in classy satin ballgowns.

469 photos
These are photos that I made of Laila. She is a gorgeous lady, a superb model and a lovely friend.

332 photos
These are photos that I made of Ann posing in various satin outfits. Ann is lovely and I'm happy that she is my friend.

346 photos
These are photos that I made of my friend Cindy. She is a pretty young lady and her enthusiasm to pose in beautiful dresses is obvious and a delight to see.

119 photos
These are photos that I made of my friend Yvonne. She is a beautiful lady and very interested in clothing and fashion so she loves to pose in beautiful dresses.

Patricia & Astrid
90 photos
Two sisters who like to pose together.

54 photos
These are photos that I made of Joyce. She is a friend of a friend and likes to model. No problem for me of course and she looks gorgeous.