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User / Paula Satijn / Joyful skirt lift
Paula Satijn / 8,885 items
I lift my skirt a little bit, just enough to show you my stocking tops, yet not too much to keep it decent. It's a really fine balance of sweet feminine seduction in style. However, the lacy stocking tops are too pretty to keep hidden all the time so I think a playful skirt lift is fully justified. I love showing my stockings and others love seeing them, so let's make it fun for all with this delicate little skirt lift. Minimal effort and smiles everywhere, so surely the right thing to do.

This ends this week's photo series. Be well my friend and see you again next week. A special shout for Tess, who made these photos: well done and thank you so much sweetie ❤
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  • Taken: Aug 30, 2021
  • Uploaded: Sep 25, 2021
  • Updated: Oct 14, 2021