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User / Michael Locke / Olive Motel, Edith Northman c.1946
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Architect Edith Northman designed the Olive Motel for Edward Shinbane in 1946 in a Streamline Moderne design. In more recent years, the motel has a reputation as a seedy, flea-bag motel; its a bit curious to say the least and a bit out of place in hipster Silver Lake. I'm surprised that it hasn't been snatched up and refurbished by some enterprising investor. The motel has been immortalized in a painting by artist William Leavitt, entitled "Olive Motel”; it was part of an exhibition “William Leavitt: Theater Objects” at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Built in 1946, the Olive Motel’s Strreamline Moderne styling is evident in the rounded walls and neon signage. Located at 2751 W Sunset Blvd. Please do not use this image in any media without my permission. © All rights reserved.
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