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Skyelight - Looking down the Trotternish Ridge from the Quiraing sees a break in the heavy, moody, clouds allowing slivers of early morning light to hit the lower slopes of Cleat, revealing the contours of this distinctive feature of the ridge.

A welcome splash of sunlight picks out the jagged slopes of Beinn Edra lurking in the distance, adding depth and colour to the scene as low cloud just grazes over the summit.

Wonderfully atmospheric conditions amplifying the very best of what this inspirational, world class, landscape has to offer. A gift of a morning, made all the more special by the reward of perseverance having tried countless times before to capture conditions like this at the Quiraing.

Isle of Skye, Scottish Inner Hebrides

Explore #1 05/02/2023

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  • Taken: Oct 8, 2022
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  • Updated: Nov 5, 2023