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Zeb Andrews / 89 items

Portland Grid Project
4 photos

9 photos

Hasselblad Flexbody
57 photos

131 photos

American Southwest
37 photos
It's a big, beautiful desert

France - Provence
6 photos

Photographers With(out) Their Cameras
20 photos
All photos as unposed as possible. The only direction given was generally along the lines of "Make a photo of me" or "I want you to set up like you are making a picture". The...

New York
38 photos

6 photos
Avalanche erratics

89 photos

29 photos

Around the world without a lens
120 photos
Pinhole images from anywhere but home.

38 photos

The XA-Files
49 photos
The truth is out there... or at least little bits and pieces of it.

Pinhole portfolio
49 photos
A small sampling of some of my favorite pinhole work.

France - Mont Saint-Michel
28 photos

Portrait Project
16 photos
Making portraits of homeless people as part of a volunteer project at St. Andre Bessette church in Portland. Each person received two 5x7 prints to have for themselves or to send to family.

26 photos

One of four
127 photos
Images made on a Fuji G617, a camera that grants you only four tries per roll of film.

North Fork
13 photos

Some of my best friends
12 photos
In other words, my cameras.

44 photos
Blue Moon

9 photos
Perth, Scotland

Edinburgh - light
25 photos
Blue Moon

Edinburgh - Misc
18 photos
Blue Moon

Edinburgh - Dark
45 photos
The dark corners of Edinburgh, Scotland. Blue Moon

Old Men of the Forest
19 photos

15 photos
Blue Moon

42 photos
Blue Moon

14 photos

Rome, Vatican City, etc
7 photos

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons
18 photos

28 photos
Blue Moon

16 photos
Vermont, and surrounding area. Blue Moon

194 photos
The lands of Washington state. Blue Moon

Washington Waterfalls
52 photos
Waterfalls from Washington State. Blue Moon

Tops of the world
57 photos
From the upper reaches. Blue Moon

Washington coast
41 photos
Along the Washington coast Blue Moon

Paris - Louvre
20 photos
Blue Moon

Paris - La Défense
5 photos
Also seen at Blue Moon

Paris - Arc de Triomphe
12 photos, 1 video
Also seen at Blue Moon

Paris - Montmartre
4 photos
Also seen at Blue Moon

Paris - Versailles
20 photos
Also seen at Blue Moon

Paris - Bridgetown
10 photos
Also seen at Blue Moon

Paris - various
39 photos
Also seen at Blue Moon

Incidental Eiffel
16 photos
Hints, suggestions and otherwise Also seen at Blue Moon

Paris - Notre Dame
13 photos
Blue Moon

Paris - Eiffel Tower
64 photos, 1 video
Seven days spent in Paris, largely photographing the Eiffel Tower. Blue Moon

The Redwood
12 photos
Blue Moon

Blurry people are better
25 photos
The blurrier the better too. Blue Moon

Pieces of me
5 photos
A new sort of self-portrait project. Blue Moon

Pieces of a horse
4 photos
And that horse would be Gem. Blue Moon

The forest met
7 photos
Blue Moon

Oak Grove & Three Lynx site
20 photos
My third year participating in Art Jam documenting various powerhouses in Oregon. This year was the Oak Grove powerhouse and the nearby Three Lynx community on the Clackamas River. Blue Moon

26 photos
Blue Moon

About face
15 photos
The workers of Blue Moon Camera and Machine. Blue Moon

I saw the sign
6 photos
Theater signs, and possibly some others Blue Moon

Picturesof McSean
15 photos
One of my McCo-workers Blue Moon

153 photos
The worlds inside the trees. Blue Moon

55 photos
Blue Moon

90 photos
Putting the Bridge in Bridgetown. All done with a Hasselblad 500C or CM and Kodak Tri-X film. Blue Moon

Yesterday's clouds
47 photos
Your head goes here. Blue Moon

30 photos
My life through a pinhole. Blue Moon

7 photos
Lines, geometry, and the things we built Blue Moon

St Johns Bridge
251 photos
Photos of my favorite bridge. Blue Moon

37 photos
Fun stuff with the plastic camera, it has become one of my best photographic instructors. Blue Moon

The Secret Life of Flowers
112 photos
Extreme macrophotography of flowers. Blue Moon

Coastal Pinscapes
176 photos
I love the coast, I also love pinhole photography, so naturally this a combination of the two. Blue Moon

Portland Pinscapes
158 photos
All these images were taken on a Zero Image pinhole camera. Blue Moon

Pinscapes elsewhere
173 photos
Made neither at the coast nor in Portland. Blue Moon

Waterfall pinscapes
77 photos
Pinholes and waterfalls were made for each other, trust me, I looked it up. Blue Moon

28 photos
Sandscapes of the Pacific Northwest. One version of the Ocean's written history perhaps? Blue Moon

Freed from infinity
14 photos
Letting the world go just a bit out of focus... and enjoying it. Blue Moon

Natural Tendencies
45 photos
Those peculiar little patterns and tendencies found out of doors and under the sun, or moon. Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon
100 photos
Candid snaps and portraiture all taken in Portland's quirkiest camera store, Blue Moon Camera and Machine. Blue Moon

Oregon Waterfalls
124 photos
Gosh I seem to end up in these places a lot. Blue Moon

109 photos
Ahhh, the little guy constantly getting less and less little.

Portland, Oregon
351 photos
Landscapes, cityscapes, you name, its all in Portland. Blue Moon

Passing By
188 photos
The often odd little details in everyday life that make me stop and go hmmm. Those moments that reflect the quirkiness of life, and are a constant exercise in the art of seeing. Blue Moon

126 photos
People, portraits, self-portraits, candids, etc Blue Moon

Oregon Coast
476 photos
I end up here a lot too. Blue Moon

8 photos
Blue Moon

On the road again
4 photos
Made while driving.

262 photos
Shot from around Oregon that are not in the Portland set. Blue Moon

Rose City Rollers
16 photos

Color Theory
37 photos
Photos that are predominantly a single color, as simple as that. Blue Moon

Required reading
21 photos
Various of my essays worth a first, second or even third reading.

Bull Run Powerhouse
18 photos
Blue Moon

Whiskey Basketball
8 photos
Blue Moon