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Ruby Beach is one of those beaches I seem to return to with every trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Some visits I'll wade across the stream and head north, other visits I'll walk the sands to the south. Or maybe I'll just sit on the strewn piles of driftwood that have been ever present here as long as I have been visiting this beach. This visit came on our last full day of my most recent Olympic trip and was almost an afterthought (forgive me Ruby). The main goal of the trip had been the Hoh, with side outings to explore some new spots. But if you have ever been to Ruby Beach, then you understand how hard a beach it is to resist. It was a lovely visit, with mostly cloudy skies, but on the return trek up to the parking lot some nice light peeked out for a couple of minutes and this bend in the trail was as good a spot to enjoy it as any.

Innova 6x9 pinhole
Kodak Ektar
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  • Taken: Jun 28, 2022
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  • Updated: Jul 27, 2022