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2020 UP
56 photos

Poems and photos
5 photos
I realized I have several photos that reminded me of poems (and I admit that sometimes I went looking for a photo to illustrate a poem. So here's an album of them.

159 photos

Sri Lanka, February 2019
7 photos

2019 U.P.
136 photos, 2 videos

Roadside oddities
58 photos
I can't believe I didn't already have an album for these.

2018 UP
106 photos, 3 videos

New Orleans
7 photos

Arizona 2018
8 photos

My mother's creches
1 video

East to Rochester for Michelle's wedding
5 photos, 1 video

New York and Philadelphia May 2017
10 photos

2017 U.P.
181 photos, 12 videos

Arizona February 2017
17 photos

Ann Arbor with mom and Kathe
7 photos

New England with Mom, May 2016
9 photos, 1 video

2016 UP
159 photos, 3 videos

Arizona, January 2016
10 photos

2015 U.P.
174 photos, 5 videos

New York City May 2015
8 photos

Belize, March 2015
38 photos

2014 Winter holidays
47 photos

88 photos
Some of these were in Flickr's "Explored" pages for half a minute or less, but it's still rare enough that I'm making an album of the few that make it.

Christmas in the city
182 photos, 4 videos
I decided to put all my Christmas photos together.

From the airplane window
44 photos
Collected from various trips.

Citizenship ceremonies
7 photos
In Chicago and the U.P.

90th celebration October 2014
10 photos, 1 video

National Register of Historic Places in Michigan
18 photos
Most of these were taken for the "Summer of Monuments" campaign on wikicommons.

Elder Family Reunion
8 photos, 1 video
Williams Bay, WI. June 1-6, 2014

May 2014 trip east
34 photos, 1 video

2014 U.P.
332 photos, 5 videos

2013 U.P.
151 photos, 1 video

My most interesting photos
36 photos
According to whatever metric Flickr uses to decide such things. Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 11th July 2020 at 4:13am BST

Chosen for Chicagoist, WBEZ, etc
654 photos
Always fun to see what photos other people like. Some of these I knew would get picked up as soon as I took them. Others I never would have guessed.

Sanibel Island March 2012
58 photos

UP Summer 2012
72 photos

Ann Arbor wedding
9 photos

Life in the loop
1126 photos, 5 videos
Scenes from downtown Chicago

Holidays in Shaker Heights
35 photos

Manhattan Weekend, November 2012
25 photos

California fall 2012
24 photos

Law firm views
26 photos
Lots of Chicago law firms have beautiful spaces. When I'm fortunate to visit, I try to grab a photo.

Northern California May 2012
32 photos

UP Summer, 2011
190 photos, 3 videos

Ann Arbor graduation and surprise birthday April...
12 photos

Camp Grandma--Cleveland February 2012
13 photos

People of the L (and the bus)
98 photos
Photos of CTA riders and workers

New Zealand Amusements
33 photos
Giant things by the side of the road, amusing signs, odd rocks, eels, and other amusements. Oh, and photos of us.

New Zealand people and their places
41 photos
Architecture, fishermen, buildings that caught our eye

New Zealand sightseeing
53 photos, 4 videos
Fjords, waterfalls, landscapes, glaciers, geysers, etc!

New Zealand arts and culture
16 photos
Sculpture parks, history, Maori culture.

New Zealand eating
13 photos
Food is good!

New Zealand flora
19 photos

New Zealand fauna
27 photos
Mostly birds, of course!

New Zealand South Island
119 photos, 6 videos

New Zealand, North Island
107 photos, 1 video

Northeastern Illinois--but not really Chicago...
37 photos
Just a place to put photos

New Years in Cleveland 2010-11
22 photos

27 photos, 1 video
A quick visit. November 2010

Ann Arbor Thanksgiving
38 photos, 1 video

UP fall 2010
66 photos
The traditional Columbus Day trip, but this time for the whole week.

Cleveland for Halloween 2010
23 photos

DC Trips
36 photos

Hilton family reunion, Jackson Hole, WY
16 photos
August 2010

The Elders at Lake Geneva
3 photos

UP Summer 2010
33 photos

Vermont & New Hampshire, June 2010
31 photos, 1 video
I made a quick weekend trip to Montpelier Vermont for Sarah Payne's memorial service. I managed to also get in a visit with Rob & Helen Elder, a meal or two, and a hot air balloon ride. Pretty...

Sue's birthday weekend in Arcata
68 photos
Sue went all out for her 60th. What a great weekend!

Historic Second Church
76 photos
Not surprisingly, since I've become a docent, I have lots of photos of Historic Second Church, the arts & crafts marvel in Chicago's Prairie Avenue Historic District. I'm gathering them here....

Day trip to St. Louis, August 2010
10 photos

Transformers 3 filming in Chicago
26 photos, 1 video
I hadn't intended to make this a focus of my August photography, but they were pretty hard to avoid and somehow I seem to have uploaded a couple dozen photos. So I might as well make them their own...

Galena weekend escape
19 photos
Two days, two nights. All this and we relaxed, too!

Women at Work
204 photos
I seem to be taking a lot of these pictures, so I might as well put them together.

Chicago outside the loop
661 photos, 2 videos

Seen in the suburbs
1220 photos, 6 videos

New Years 2009-10 in St. Louis
42 photos

Fall 2009 in the UP
28 photos
A quick trip to close up camp and take in the annual Columbus Day open house on Miriam Creek. Open house photos here www.flickr.com/photos/29898167@N00/sets/72157622440979589...

UP Summer 2009
122 photos, 1 video

Dinner in Indiana
8 photos
It was a gorgeous day so we took a road trip. Our destination was Middlebury, Indiana, just over 100 miles away. En route, we figured that it was also 100 miles from Ann Arbor so we called John and...

86 photos
For when I take so many photos I'm embarrassed to put them up individually!

26 photos
February 2010

Life with the family
181 photos, 2 videos

DC trip, December 2009
17 photos
A quick trip for a meeting gave me a chance to see both DC based-siblings, and a sliver of the city besides.

St. Louis summer 2009
48 photos
A quick trip in July to celebrate Wrenna's birthday plus another four days at the beginning of September as everyone was starting school. .

My fun office
111 photos, 2 videos
Good times at the AIDS Legal Council

New York New Jersey September 2009
33 photos
A long weekend in New York and New Jersey. Dan Buckley's wedding to Anne McPeak, a visit with Dan's parents Mike & Sara, a quick lunch with Linella and Izze, and some great sight-seeing.

Scenes and new friends from the conference
11 photos
Two dozen young lawyers and advocates from all over the world. All involved in protecting the legal and human rights of people with HIV. Humbling. Inspiring. As someone said "I've found my...

The Borghese Gardens
22 photos
I liked them so much I went back a second day. More about the history of the gardens here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa_Borghese_gardens

Roman street scenes
21 photos, 1 video

Ancient Rome
14 photos
The Palatine Hill, the Colosseum, the Forum, etc.

Churches-- mostly St. Peter's
10 photos
I went inside lots of churches not shown here, but most of the indoor scenes were beyond my photography skills.

Art and museums
32 photos
Obviously but the smallest fraction of what I saw, which in turn is but the smallest fraction of what there is to see in Rome.

Food and restaurants
20 photos

Public services--transportation, dog parks,...
19 photos
Basically city services in Rome--focused mostly on public transportation. I very wisely bought one-week metrebus pass my first day. I loved the freedom it gave me.

The pines and fountains of Rome
25 photos
Not to mention the turtles, oaks, and crows of Rome. Basically nature plus fountains.

Rome--the whole batch in chronological order
146 photos, 1 video
May 2009. For the "International Expert Meeting on Strengthened and Expanded Legal Services for People Living with HIV and Vulnerable Groups." Great bunch of people. Fabulous city.

Cemetery scenes
144 photos
Mostly right by the house, but some further afield.

Concordia cemetery mystery building
6 photos
The mystery is solved. Thanks to everyone who helped, including the Forest Park reference librarians. I finally did the obvious thing and called the cemetery. Gary has worked there for 40 years. ...

Random Sunday Drive
25 photos, 1 video
For no reason other than that it was a beautiful day and I had just uploaded a photo of bricks made in Streator, we took a road trip--to Streator. I wasn't sure where it was, but had a vague sense...

Forest Park St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009 & 2010
22 photos
The 2009 parade sets up right in front of our building. I caught a few shots before the skies opened up in a downpour. In contrast, the parade day in 2010 was as gorgeous as could be.

Brrrr! February in the UP
48 photos

AAUW puppets and puppeteers
28 photos
Just the puppet photos from our February 2009 trip to Marquette. Natural Solitude's great shots of the puppet show itself are here www.flickr.com/photos/naturalsolitude/sets/72157613730334...

Trenary--and the outhouse races
12 photos
For more and better views of the outhouse races, be sure to check out www.flickr.com/photos/kimnixon/sets/72157614581420628/ and www.flickr.com/photos/mikehainstock/sets/72157614499712635/ There's...

February in Marquette--with puppets!
43 photos
We made a trip to Marquette to see the AAUW puppet show, which has been going on for almost 50 years but I'd never seen. For great photos from the audience, check out Natural Solitude's wonderful...

Camp Grandma, September 2008
29 photos

UP summer 2008
67 photos

Obligatory table shots
34 photos

CTA scenes
436 photos, 4 videos
I come from a town so small that when I was growing up it had two elevators and no escalators. But we had ore docks with trains rattling across the top of them and dumping the ore down shoots to the...

Seen while walking the dog
397 photos, 3 videos

17 photos

Camp Grandma, April 2008
20 photos

April 2008 birthday
18 photos

Arkansas trip March 2008
54 photos
Looking for spring--or at least less snow.

England--July 1983
48 photos
I half suspect that somewhere deep in the storage unit there's a carousal of better slides of this trip. The fact that one of the boxes was labeled "discard" only adds to this fear. Oh...

Christmas 1979 plus Betsy's 4th birthday
10 photos

New England 1987
33 photos
A trip to New England in 1987--I think. A day at Plimouth Plantation. A visit with Sarah Payne in Boston, with Rob (then doing a summer program in Arabic at Middlebury) at Stockbridge, with the...

Christmas 1987--I think
8 photos

On Grove Avenue
19 photos
Mostly in the early 80s

D.C. Wedding
8 photos

Christmas 1981
12 photos

playing with trains
9 photos
How many train tunnels can you make?

Dash bakes a pie (and some snakes)
12 photos

Ann Arbor weekend
28 photos

Looptopia 2007
25 photos