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37 items

Seattle CHAZ
2 photos

Life During Coronavirus
10 photos

12 Months 2020
8 photos

12 Months of Faces, Hearts and Souls 2019
3 photos

12 Months 2019
13 photos

2 photos

12 Months 2018
17 photos

52 Weeks 2018
45 photos

New Year Mugshot
5 photos

66 photos

52 Weeks 2017
52 photos

12 Months 2017
24 photos

12 Months 2016
16 photos

52 Weeks 2016
53 photos

188 photos

210 photos

Misty & Jasper
66 photos
i love these two...they are my therapy, my body warmers, my hiking/running buddies...my babies.

12 Months 2015
31 photos

52 Weeks 2015
52 photos

Happy 10! Project
47 photos
Both my dogs are turning big 10 in 2014 and I wanted to do a new project to celebrate their milestones! The project will go from Thanksgiving 2013 to Christmas 2014, and each photoshoot will evolve...

Other Dogs
6 photos

16 photos
my excuse to unleash the inner child within...imagination is a terrible thing to waste...

fruits & vegetables
8 photos

4 photos

2 photos

11 photos

7 photos
just getting into the world of macro photography...i find it to be very challenging and requiring a lot of patience on my part, but so much fun! taken with tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens...

6 photos
working with textures is fairly a new thing for me and it's very addictive! i love seeing how a mood of a photo is transformed by the addition of certain textures.

me, myself and i
3 photos
various pictures of me, either self-portraits or taken by others...working, playing, or just goofing around...just being me.

project 365
9 photos
my first time taking on the challenge...most are set at private as they are more of a personal photo-diary of mundane day to day happenings...

4 photos

5 photos

2 photos

around the city...
16 photos

the cloisters
1 photo

cape san blas '09
11 photos
a beautiful little beach in the florida panhandle...this quiet, secluded, dog-friendly beach is our favorite getaway.

savannah, ga '09
5 photos
taken on a very wet and rainy weekend trip in June, 2009