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User / Yasu Torigoe / Night view of the Green Gate and Green Gate Bridge over the Motława River waterfront, Gdansk, Poland. 987-Edita
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Green Gate
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku / Oddział Zielona Brama
The Green Gate in Gdańsk, Poland, is one of the city's most notable tourist attractions. It is situated between Long Market (Długi Targ) and the River Motława. With the Golden Gate and the Highland Gate, the Green Gate spans the Long Market and Long Street, together comprising the Royal Route. The Green Gate was clearly inspired by the Antwerp City Hall. It was built 1568-71 as the formal residence of Poland's monarchs. It is a masterpiece by Regnier (or Reiner van Amsterdam), an Amsterdam architect, and reflects Flemish architectural influence in Gdańsk. Hans Kramer from Dresden was responsible for the construction plans.
Today the Green Gate houses the National Museum in Gdańsk. Exhibitions, meetings, conferences and shows are held here. The Gdańsk office of former Polish President Lech Wałęsa is located in one of the rooms.

The gate is situated at the eastern end, parallel to the line of the Motława waterfront, in a densely built-up area of Długie Pobrzeże Street to the south. The structure was designed in the Late Gothic style, with the body and façades inspired by the Flamish architecture. The passage arch is surmounted by stone cartouches in the shape of a rhombus: the Gdańsk coat of arms from before 1454 to the east, and the lily motif to the west.

Motława is a river in Eastern Pomerania in Poland. The source is in Szpęgawskie Lake, northeast from Starogard Gdański. It goes through Rokickie Lake to Martwa Wisła, a branch of the Vistula. The total length of the river is estimated at 68 km, with an area of 1511.3 km². Wikipedia

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