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The Brotherhood of St. Jerzy - a building in Gdańsk at Targ Węglowy 27, built in the years 1487 - 1494 by Jan Glothau as the seat of the confraternity of the patriciate of the Main City of Gdańsk. Brotherhood of St. At first, Jerzy gathered at the Artus Court , then he founded his own headquarters next to the Golden Gate , built in the Flemish style.After the war damage (destroyed roof, burnt interior), the building was rebuilt in 1950-1953. The figure of St. crowning the roof George survived evacuated from the city and placed in the building of the Bielkowo hydroelectric power plant .
Currently, the building houses the headquarters of the Coast Branch of the Association of Polish Architects .

golden gate złota brama gdańsk
Golden Gate is a historic Renaissance city gate in Gdańsk, Poland. It is located within the Royal Route, the most prominent part of the historic city center and is one of its most notable tourist attractions. It was created in 1612–14 in place of a 13th-century gothic gate, the Brama Długouliczna. Wikipedia
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