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User / Yasu Torigoe / Balloons Over Bagan Myanmar-4a
Yasu Torigoe / 6,365 items
Ananda Temple in the distance with smoke from breakfast cooking. My balloon ride (Balloons Over Bagan) started with 5am ride to the launch sites. The teams were busy at work preparing the balloons. The flight started with views of ancient temples among the mist and smoke from cooking oil used in the villages. The balloon ride was silent with intermittent gush of gas used to heat the balloon which also was used to guide the balloon to a certain extent. We got peaceful bird's-eye view of ancient temples and the sunrise over the eastern plains of Bagan. In addition we saw the Irrawaddy River with fisherman starting their work. Other views included goat farmers and oxen pulling a cart to their destination.
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  • Taken: Feb 18, 2015
  • Uploaded: Apr 2, 2018
  • Updated: Mar 18, 2021