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User / Jerry T Patterson / Early Sunrise At Morants Curve
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Primary photo equipment for this photo: Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 24-105mm f4L II USM lens, Singh-Ray 2 stop soft reverse GND filter. Four shot pano blended with Photoshop CS6.

Press "L" on your keyboard to see the sunrise really pop out in Flickr's Lighbox.


During my recent early winter visit to the Canadian Rockies, I visited Morants Curve one more time for early sunrise photography. An hour before I took a single shot of the mountains along the right half of this frame as the constellation Orion was above Pinnacle Peak, the highest peak you see here.

I shot this area with one of my Flickr- friends Joalhi who has been there so many times over the years. She has the most superb photos of the Canadian Rockies in all seasons I've ever seen and I must add she knows the area better than anyone I know and knows the timing of where and when to be for every shot imaginable in the Canadian Rockies.

The three mountain peaks in the background on the far right from right to left are Fairview, Saddle and Sheol. The three to the middle right are Mount Temple and Pinnacle Mountain and Eiffel Peak.

My Milky Way night sky photography workshops

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Advance 2020 Iceland workshop announcement
Iceland workshop dates: July 1-6

This workshop is time to capture the incredible huge lupine wildflowers throughout the areas we visit.

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