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> Unrigged, fully animated Box of chocolates!

> PBR and Non-PBR ready! all you need to do is login to a pbr viewer or non-pbr viewer for it to show the correct textures.

> Only comes in one color

> stand normally and eat chocolates or eat them in a gremlin stance!

Click candy box for menu

Animation shows the currently played animation
Shoulder, Gremlin, and Sounds show current settings

"Shoulder" toggles between a wider animation for broad shoulders
"Sounds" toggles sounds on and off
"Gremlin" toggles the automatic gremlin animation after standing still for 20 seconds

"<" changes to previous animation
">" changes to next animation

Top Middle button shows current animation set [Animated / Static] clicking it will change between them

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  • Taken: Feb 2, 2024
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