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she raw 2018
2 photos

Jamaicans at work
7 photos

Kingston story
6 photos
recently dubbed , a must see city, capital of Jamaica. my hometown what to do in Kingston,( there is no beach). go to the national gallery lots for me to see- I've never been to the bob Marley...

port royal/ palisadoes
12 photos
many many trips here, to eat or for photo opportunities always a challenge to find something new, but when you are stuck, look to the people

marijuana- vegetable matter
6 photos
long before it was legal, it was everywhere &plentiful. i'm not a smoker of ganja or anything

Jamaican medicinal herbs
7 photos
*most boring album ever recording the medicinal herbs that are taken for granted rather than go insane on my rehab break- i've decided to photograph the medicinal herbs in my yard- because it will be...

flowers and botanicals
3 photos

jamaican people at work
16 photos
industrious hard working men and women unappreciated

road to normal 2015
5 photos
after nearly 2 years of no no no! i'm on the road again, hopefully with new eyes

216 photos
I LOVE food! Cooked, in the raw, especially on the street. Most of these are done with natural light and in their own surroundings and some I set up in my kitchen with lights. My latest fascination...

Street Food on the Go
44 photos
I love street food and find its an integral part of any journey

Self Focus
16 photos
Timers, tripods, and self focus button Looking inward, using myself as the subject.

Religion and Superstition
55 photos

Man on the Bicycle
12 photos

182 photos

Blue and John Crow Mountains
85 photos
Mountain ranges which traverse Portland, St Andrew, St Mary and St Thomas

Kingston and St Andrew
140 photos
Capital city - where I live

St Thomas and Portland
185 photos

St Catherine and Clarendon
77 photos

Manchester & St Elizabeth
84 photos

Hanover and Westmoreland
19 photos

Trelawny & St James
55 photos

St Mary, St Ann
115 photos

51 photos

154 photos
Facades and interiors I love old buildings. Jamaica has the most "churches" per square mile of any country in the world. Source-Guinness Book of World Records. Over 1,600...

10 photos

91 photos
My absolute favorite subjects are children.

130 photos
I thank you Lord for the ability to see the beauty of your creations

Climate Change & the Environment
71 photos
Climate Change: I think this is where it begins, with economic survival. Cant talk about education yet. Until there is a profitable alternative to chopping wood and burning coal, deforestaton will...

Glamour - Models
14 photos
Delving into a new field of studio lighting, posing giving direction etc. Thanks to Brian Rosen brianrosen.com/ for guidance, the use of his studio and models Quite a change from the candid...

30 photos
The algorithm or logorithm choose these, tell me what you think? Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 7th January 2018 at 12:55pm UTC

Signs & Other Writings
48 photos

Simple - Abstract/Still life
81 photos
I am renaming my sets and trying to categorise and typecast my photos - so its a work in progress