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Mesa Arch
Island In The Sky
Canyonlands National Park

Ever since I began my interest in shooting natural arches and bridges it has been on my bucket list to visit eastern Utah. Utah is home to the largest concentration of arches in the US with over 8,000 confirmed. Kentucky is home to the second highest concentration of arches with over 1600 confirmed. By comparison Utah has 100’s more arches than Kentucky whos spans are 50 ft or longer.

One of the more famous arches on my Utah list was Mesa Arch. Located in Canyonlands National Park outside Moab, the views don’t get much better than what it does with this one. With a span of 90 ft you can see miles into the distance over Lanthrop and Buck Canyons to the La Sal Mountains nearly 40 miles away. We cut it pretty close on our visit to this arch after having to make a pit stop in Grand Junction to replace a phone that had been lost at Rocky Mountain National Park the day before and spending a more time that we should have shooting abandonment in Cisco, Utah. I was hoping to catch some late evening light on the arch but I had missed that by 20 minutes or so. Nonetheless I got some shots I really liked and looking back I missed some opportunities. Guess that means I'll need to go back. Darn!


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