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Gateway Arch
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
St. Louis, Missouri

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I’ve been unmotivated to edit any of the shots I took on our trip to see one of my favorite bands VNV Nation in St. Louis early last month, but the night before last, after a few beers, I decided to have a look at the photos and to my delight I found a few that I wanted to work with. Unfortunately, I was only in St. Louis for less than 24 hrs so I didn’t have any time to look around, but I do know that I want to definitely go back. I will admit, it has the most comfortable driving conditions of any city I’ve ever been in. We stopped by the Gateway Arch on our way out of the city after a delicious brunch at Pappy’s Smokehouse (I highly recommend the pulled pork, but remember the line can be an hour long).

Built as a monument to commemorate the westward expansion to the West by the United States, construction on The Gateway Arch was finished in 1965, but wasn’t opened to the public until June 1967. It is the tallest manmade monument in the US and the Statue Of Liberty would fit under it. The idea of the arch was first thought of in 1933 and by the end of that decade the land had been acquired, but it would take another 30 years of contests, working with the railways and other things to finally get construction started. The skin of the arch is stainless steel and inside at each foot is an elevator that can take you to an observation area at the pinnacle of the structure that offers views of both East St. Louis in Illinois and downtown St. Louis.

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