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N 3 B 771 C 13 E Feb 23, 2010 F Feb 23, 2010
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Caesers Head State Park
South Carolina

3 Panel Autostitch, view large if you can

The overlook at Caesers Head State Park is hands down the best overlook I've been to in the eastern United States. A granite outcropping juts out from the mountain abruptly ending in a 2000ft. sheer drop offering a spectacular 180 degree view and the height from which you are viewing allows you to see for miles and miles into the distance. The view is perfect for both sunrise and sunset and the park also sports a 400 ft. waterfall called Ravens Cliff Falls which I was told is an easy two mile hike to the viewing area. Due to the amount of ice on and that were falling off the trees we decided to forgo the falls till a future visit.