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William Fultz II / 40 items

1 photo

1 photo

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
460 photos
Images I've created to more accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes.

425 photos
I have an addiction.

West Virginia
134 photos
My favorite state after my home state of Kentucky.

North Carolina
75 photos
My third favorite state.

Eastern Kentucky
120 photos
Eastern Kentucky has a lot to offer, beautiful lakes, soaring mountains, and rural roads. This set includes anything east of I-75.

Seen Around Town
335 photos
Images of people, places, and things in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Big South Fork & Surrounding Area
90 photos
Located around 20 miles west of I - 75 on the Kentucky/Tennessee border is the Big South Fork National Recreation area. A hidden gem of the National Park Service, Big South Fork offers hundreds of...

143 photos
Photographs that have found themselves in that strange little place for the world to see.

Natural Arches & Bridges
52 photos

Red River Gorge
69 photos
Located in The Daniel Boone National Forest this is one of the best places to go hiking in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It has the largest concentration of natural sandstone arches east of the...

Abandonment & Decay
94 photos
Nothing lasts forever.

Exploring Ohio
93 photos

42 photos
I don't do it very often but when I do I like it.

49 photos
I love toys, especially creepy dolls.

St. Augustine Florida
37 photos
St. Augustine is my home away from home. Having been there more than 40 times in my life I hope to someday retire there. There is not a more beautiful place that I have been to and I hope these...

48 photos

Our Little World
34 photos
Macro photography.

2009 Capture Cincinnati Submissions
45 photos

Gary Numan
39 photos
It's the only way to live, in cars.

37 photos

2008 Capture Cincinnati Submissions
29 photos
These pictures are images of greater Cincinnati, Ohio including Northern Kentucky that I entered in the Capture Cincinnati 2008 competition. Capture Cincinnati is sponsored by The Cincinnati...

2007 Capture Cincinnati Submissions
10 photos
These pictures are images of greater Cincinnati, Ohio including Northern Kentucky that I entered in the Capture Cincinnati 2007 competition. Capture Cincinnati is sponsored by The Cincinnati Enquirer...

Live Shows
15 photos
I love concert photography, I wish the bands give more freedom!

14 photos

29 photos
If you've never been to Philly, make it a goal. There's a lot of cool things to do in the City Of Brotherly Love and some great CD stores too!

27 photos

14 photos

9 photos

8 photos

The '68
10 photos
My 1968 Impala that has been in my family from when it came off the Showroom floor of Joseph Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's seen some rough times but it's all better now.

South Dakota
11 photos

10 photos

Everywhere Else In Kentucky
18 photos
If it isn't Eastern Kentucky, Red River Gorge, Big South Fork or the Cumberland Falls area it goes here.

Washington D.C.
4 photos

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
2 photos

South Carolina
1 photo

2 photos

1 photo