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The Anatomy Of A Stroke
14 photos
The Anatomy Of A Stroke will tell the unfolding story of my father's battle with his ischemic/infarct stroke. I'm documenting this journey for my own emotional release and peace of mind; as a...

Interestingnest July's End
36 photos
I'm intrigued by the inner machinations of Flickr's bizarrely named 'Interestingness' thingy. So, does this mean that I'm better to allow some computerised algorithm be my ultimate selector and...

Not Interesting [Personal Faves]
39 photos
Personal Favourites: In view of my fascination with the aforementioned Interestingness algorithm and its curious ability to highlight my best work, sometimes it does surprise me to see certain...

A Day In Capital City
62 photos
A series of 75 images shot during three days in London the past couple of years.

Where The Land Meets The Sea
35 photos
Images produced from my occasional trips to some gloriously deserted coastline.

Portraits [Personal & Street]
49 photos
A compilation of 50 favourite conventional portrait and documentary/portrait images.

Street Life [UnLondon]
69 photos
A series of 75 images capturing those fleeting moments in the streets. [Excluding London. See separate A Day In Capital City set]

45 photos
Some people have been known to have found a small element of humour lurking within some of my images. So, I thought I'd gather 50 together... a group chuckle: try and view the titles too. [If you...

Animal Magnetism
45 photos
A series of 50 images containing animal related moments.

Behind The Lines : A Portrait Of BCFC
7 photos
Behind The Lines was a series of documentary photographs profiling the first team squad at Bristol City Football Club. The purpose of the project was to illustrate a view of the game distinct from...

The Hotel
15 photos
A series of 15 images. I stumbled upon this deserted hotel during my recent visit to the coast. Left to its own devices in the teeth of the oncoming Atlantic storms, it's certainly picked up a few...