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White Angel*On LIFE / 15 items

My Limited Editions (shared in max.6 or 12 Groups)
52 photos
Pictures I don't intend to share in more than the indicated n. in the title after my tag #LimitEdition but Flickrers are more than welcome to enter them into galleries. Cover: first photo which...

AI Experimental & assisted digital Art
5 photos
All images conceived with my brain + the the help of the artificial intelligence. Every image is modified, enlightened, improved & digitally painted over by me.These experimental images have been...

Art of NATURE (new+in progress)
152 photos
In preparation of my brand new Group Gallery #PURENN on steady progress with new future uploads

Savage & Vintage Alive + Still LIFE vol.2
83 photos

Atmospheric Photography
64 photos
savage ... and some magic

Planispheric Art by WhiteANGEL
63 photos
A brand new art form I conceived in 2020

Savage & Vintage Alive + Still LIFE
89 photos

Portraiture shooting (new!)
6 photos
I love to photograph people I choose to portrait ;-)

41 photos, 1 video
In project ...

Voices for Freedom. "A Song for Amnesty"...
8 photos
Stage & reporter photography portraying my most favorite artists taking part at the annual contest "Una canzone per Amnesty" with * Voci per la Libertà * and * Amnesty International...

My beloved extended Family of PARROTS
84 photos, 1 video
My huge family of parrots (cockatiels & lovebirds) is a daily joy but all of them have been truly therapeutic in lock-down pandemic times. Last year between August & October, unespecdedly my...

LIGHT Painting & Design (W.@ work)
35 photos

A callas study (in_progress)
13 photos
testing framing callas in all possible positions and available natural light conditions

The Sea in Winter - ESCAPE
20 photos
On Dec. 19 2020, just before a 2nd strickt lock-down in Italy with total restrictions to not move from home, I decided to escape at the seaside for few hours and enjoy the sea in the winter ... The...

The Sea in Summer ... (in progress)
6 photos
They were back and they will be!