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User / WanaM3 / Labor Day Special
Jerome / 6,250 items
Since it’s the Labor Day weekend, I thought that I would have a sale here as well. We are running a 2 for 1 special on Broad Banded Water Snakes. Snakes alive……WHAT A DEAL. They’re really not for sale and I have no idea where they went. The dry weather that we’ve been having has sent them off into he wetland area and they have departed the garden of good and evil at El. Franco Lee Park. Two Broad Banded Water Snakes near the footpath in the park. There were actually 3 in the area, but I could only capture these 2 in the same frame.

Just want to assure everyone that these little beauties are absolutely harmless and will always try to get away. No Cottonmouth Moccasins here!!!

Since it is the Labor Day Weekend, I want to wish all of those here that celebrate Labor Day a happy weekend and I hope that you get to enjoy your time off. Be safe.
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  • Taken: Jul 6, 2021
  • Uploaded: Sep 3, 2021
  • Updated: Nov 22, 2021