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india - odisha (orissa)
836 photos
Odisha (Orissa) - a tribal state in India. A visit to following tribes: Kutia Kondh, Desia Kondh,Lanjia Saora, Dongaria Kondh, Sharia Paroja, Mali, Bonda, Gadaba, Sana Paroja, Bada Paroja, Kuvi...

india - gujarat
747 photos
Gujarat, culture and tribal people. See...

south africa - zulu reed dance ceremony
63 photos
The royal reed dance of the Zulu people. Once a year, in the heart of South Africa's Kingdom of the Zulu, thousands of people make the long journey to one of His Majesty’s, the King of the Zulu...

the world
2633 photos, 1 video
From all over the world. See...

saudi arabia
314 photos
Saudi Arabia See...

india - nagaland
404 photos
The hidden world of the Naga. See...

sudan - the black pharaohs
517 photos
Sudan - a trip to Khartoum and to the reign of the black pharaohs. See...

north korea
881 photos
North Korea. See...

868 photos
Russia - From St. Petersburg to Ekaterinburg. See...

silk road
766 photos
The Silk Road from Turkmenistan to China. The Great Silk Road, the commerce route between the East and West, was not a single road, but consisted of a network of routes, connecting the West (mainly...

people of northern vietnam
1069 photos
The tribal people of Northern Vietnam See...

171 photos
Cuba See...

swaziland - umhlanga or reed dance
19 photos
Swaziland - Umhlanga or Reed Dance. I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Reed Dance or "Umhlanga" which takes place in the spring every year. Young childless unmarried maidens from...

uganda - tribes and culture
249 photos
Uganda - Tribes and Culture. See...

india - ladakh - zanskar - kasjmir - himachal...
847 photos
India - Kashmir - Zanskar - Ladakh - Himachal Pradesh. A trip starting in Srinagar and ending in Delhi with a lot of highlights in the Zanskar valley and in Ladakh. See...

vietnam - ethnic minorities
895 photos
The ethnic minorities of northern Vietnam. -Dao (Dzao) -Dao Thanh Phan -Dao Thanh Y -Dao Tien (Dzao with coins, Dzao sapèque, Dzao Lentern) -Red D(z)ao ...

509 photos
The Kingdom of Bhutan is located amid the eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains and is bordered to the south, east and west by India and to the north by China. Bhutan is separated from Nepal by the...

kenia-tanzania - tribes and wildlife
914 photos
Kenia-Tanzania - Tribes and wildlife.

289 photos
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan has well preserved relics from the time when Central Asia was a center of empire, education, and trade. Uzbekistan cities including Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and...

yemen - arabia felix
82 photos
Yemen - Arabia Felix See...

533 photos
Cambodia. Treasures of Angkor: -Ta Prohm -Angkor Thom -Bayon -Terrace of Elephants -The entrance of the Baphuon -Terrace of the Leper King -Thommanon -Chau Say Tevoda -Ta Keo -Bantey Srei -Kbal...

india - chhattisgarh
173 photos
A few days in Chhattisgarh. See...

india - andhra pradesh
181 photos
A visit to the Andhra Pradesh state in India from Bhadrachalam to Hyderabad. See...

311 photos
The highlights of Armenia. Yerevan -Matenadaran -Cascade -Erubuni Museum -Genocide Monument -National History Museum -Central Market -Mother Armenia monument -Blue Mosque ...

jat people - a hidden tribe in gujarat
29 photos
A visit to the Jat people in Gujarat (India). The Jats who live in Kutch are particularly conscious of their identity as a group and their sense of unity comes from a perception of shared historical...

54 photos
Ghana See...

africa - somaliland
241 photos
A few days in Somaliland. Visits of Berbera - the Sheikh mountains- Burao - Lasgeel - Hargeisa - Borama - Zeila. See...

ethiopia - afar, danakil and tigray
512 photos
Ethiopia - Afar, Danakil and Tigray.

a round-the-world voyage
603 photos
A round-the-world voyage. See...

218 photos
Azerbaijan. Located on the very crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, Azerbaijan was exposed to the influence of both of them. As a part of the greatest empires in the history of human...

191 photos
Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is situated in Central Asia , its neighbouring countries are Kazakhstan to the North, Uzbekistan to the west, Tadjikistan to the south and China to its East and South-East....

yemen - sana'a
269 photos
Sana'a. See...

india - rajasthan
1304 photos, 13 videos
India - Rajasthan.

tribes of kenia
25 photos
Tribes of Kenia. See...

138 photos
A trip to Yemen. See...

india - sikkim
178 photos
Sikkim. See...

133 photos
Tajikistan. Tajiks are one of the most ancient nations of the world. Life in area situated at the main crossroads of eastern civilizations has given them continuous access to the achievements of...

1368 photos
A special trip to India.

223 photos
A few days in Georgia. Tbilisi -Shota Rustaveli Prospekt -Kashveti Church -Freedom Square -The Abanotubani -Narikala Fortress -Metekhi Church -Armenian Cathedral of St George -Sioni...

73 photos
Latvia See...

china - silk road
135 photos
China - the silk road.Sino-Western cultural communication traces back as early as the ancient times. When sea transportation was still in its early stages, China's beautiful silk and other products...

germany - berlin
316 photos
A trip to Berlin, the capital of Germany. See...

albania - the land of the illyrians
369 photos
Albania - The land of the Illyrians. Visits of: -Tirana -Elbasan -Korça -Voskopoja -Gjirokastra -Saranda -Vlore -Berat -Durres -Kruja See...

12 photos
A visit to the Ethiopian people. See...

830 photos
Islamic Republic of Iran.

china - south yunnan
1276 photos
Expedition to South Yunnan.

33 photos
Lithuania See...

israel and the palestinian territories
320 photos
Israel and the Palestinian Territories. See...

france - paris
267 photos
A visit to Paris. See...

265 photos
Jordan. See...

india - a view of gujarat
1023 photos
India - A view of Gujarat.

burkina faso
310 photos
Burkina Faso.

545 photos

486 photos
Syria. See...

the sultanate of oman
305 photos
The Sultanate of Oman. See...

india - darjeeling
51 photos
Darjeeling is a town in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the headquarters of Darjeeling district, in the Shiwalik Hills on the lower range of the Himalaya, at an average elevation of 6,982 ft...

482 photos
Moldova. See...

istanbul - turkey
129 photos
A short trip to Istanbul (Turkey). See...

38 photos
Myanmar - People of the Chin and Arakan states. See...

533 photos
Nepal. See...

860 photos

sudan - the whirling dervishes of omdurman
50 photos
The whirling dervishes of Omdurman. Sheikh Hamed al-Nil was a 19th-century Sufi leader of the Qadiriyah order, and his tomb is the weekly focus for Omdurman's most exciting sight - the dancing and...

uganda - nature and wildlife
315 photos
Uganda - Nature and Wildlife. Visits of: -Kidepo Valley National Park. -Murchison Falls National Park -Budongo Forest Reserve -Queen Elisabeth National Park -Lake Mburo National Park See...

russia - st petersburg
30 photos
Russia - St Petersburg See...

18 photos
Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is a republic in Central Asia . The geographical position of the Republic is more advantageous than that of its neighbours due to the outlet to the Caspian Sea . However,...

china - the uyghur people of xinjiang
25 photos
China - The Uyghur people of Xinjiang. In Xinjiang, the western province of China, violent combats between the Uyghur people and the new settled Han Chinese people caused more than 150 deads in the...

ukraine - chernobyl
79 photos
A visit to Chernobyl 22 years after the disaster on the 26th of April, 1986. See...

india - traditional dances and culture of the...
43 photos
India - Traditional dances and culture of the Brokpa people - A tribal community in the Dha-Hanu valley of Ladakh. Drokpa (or Brokpa) community is considered as the last race of Aryans, confined to...

india - uttar pradesh
488 photos, 35 videos
India - Uttar Pradesh.

north korea - arirang or mass games 2011
178 photos
Arirang Festival mass games display in Pyongyang on Republic Foundation Day 9 september 2011. The Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang are held in the Rungrado May Day Stadium in...

36 photos
Estonia See...

cambodia- the ceremonial offering of a buffalo by...
27 photos
The ceremonial offering of a buffalo by the Kreung tribal people in Nong Lik village (Rattanakiri, Cambodia). See...

1406 photos
Indonesia - A trip to parts of Java, Sulawesi and Kalamantan.

vietnam - red dao wedding
42 photos
Festivities in traditional dress of a Red Dao wedding (Northern Vietnam). See...

hungary - budapest
517 photos
Hungary - Budapest. See...

south africa - wildlife
109 photos
South Africa - Wildlife. See...

austria - vienna
445 photos
Austria - Vienna. See...

india - madhya pradesh
357 photos, 1 video
India - Madhya Pradesh.

sweden - gothenburg
220 photos
A few days in Gothenburg (Sweden). See...

china - tribes - dances
102 photos
Dances of the tribal people in China. - Floral Belt Dai in Nalu village (South-Yunnan). --Dances of the Yi people (South-Yunnan). - Miao tribal people (South-Yunnan).

burkina faso - festima 2016
261 photos
Burkina Faso - Festima 2016. 13t Festival International des Masques et des Arts. Du 27 février au 05 Mars 2016 à Dédougou. Groups of different parts of Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Senegal and...

39 photos
Some pictures of Vietnam. See...

cape verde
331 photos
Cape Verde - Sal, Sao Vicente, Santo Antao and Sao Nicolau.

33 photos
Music and dances of the Swazi people.

new york
279 photos
Visiting New York during and after the passage of hurricane Sandy. See...

indonesia - ramayana ballet at prambanan
151 photos
Indonesia - Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan.

united arab emirates - dubai
5 photos
United Arab Emirates - Dubai. See...

267 photos
Morocco - The south.

indonesia - kalimantan
571 photos
Indonesia - Kalimantan.

art in belgium
1154 photos
Art in Belgium.

336 photos

turkey - cappadocia
374 photos
Turkey - Cappadocia.

former yugoslav republic of macedonia
69 photos
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Visits of: -Ohrid -Bay of the Bones -St. Naum Monastery See...

indonesia - sulawesi
445 photos
Indonesia - Sulawesi.

469 photos

serbia - belgrade
57 photos
Serbia - Belgrade. See...

55 photos
Transnistria - A short visit on a rainy day. See...

czechia - prague
709 photos
Czechia - Prague.

485 photos
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india - holi festivities
216 photos
India - Holi festivities.

india - kalbeliya dance rajasthan
46 photos, 3 videos
India - Kalbeliya Dance Rajasthan. Kalbeliya is one of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan, performed by a tribe of the same name. They are famous for their dance which is an integral part...

burkina faso - old lobi woman with two plugs in...
15 photos
Burkina Faso - Old Lobi woman with two plugs in Sansana village.

spain - santiago de compostela
460 photos, 5 videos
Spain - Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrimage.

new york - superstorm sandy
55 photos
New York - Manhattan - Superstorm Sandy - The day after (End of October 2012). See...

spain - sierra de gredos
134 photos
Spain - Sierra de Gredos.

sweden - stockholm
275 photos
Sweden - Stockholm.

indonesia - java
390 photos
Indonesie - Java.

the islands malta, gozo and comino
275 photos
The islands Malta, Gozo and Comino.

roger raveel
141 photos
Roger Raveel See...

105 photos

india - ganga aarti in varanasi
14 photos, 19 videos
India Ganga Aarti in Varanasi. Every evening, as dusk descends, it's time for the Ganga Aarti to be performed at the holy city of Varanasi. It's a very powerful and uplifting spiritual ritual. An...

797 photos
Somewhere in Belgium.

turkey - ballooning in cappadocia
89 photos
Turkey - Ballooning in Cappadocia.

somewhere in belgium
748 photos
Somewhere in Belgium.

schaarbeek - trainworld - paul delvaux
15 photos
Schaarbeek - Trainworld - Paul Delvaux.

india - rajasthani dances
60 photos
Udaipur - Rajasthani dances in Museum Bagore Ki Haveli.

stockholm - kungliga slottet - changing of the...
43 photos
Stockholm - Kungliga Slottet- Changing of the Guard.

france - causses and cevennes
173 photos
France - Causses an Cevennes.

antwerp - m hka - sanguine
17 photos
Antwerp - M HKA - Sanguine.

belgium - walking along the linguistic frontier
97 photos
Belgium - Walking along the linguistic frontier.

india - tabla music and kathak dances
18 photos, 9 videos
India - Tabla music and Kathak dances. The tabla is a South Asian membranophone percussion instrument consisting of a pair of drums, used in traditional, classical, popular and folk music. It has...

biennale 2018
99 photos
Biennale 2018.

liege in winter
55 photos
Liege in winter.

antwerp - mas - michaelina - the leading lady of...
14 photos
Antwerp - MAS - Michaelina - The leading lady of baroque.

mons - giorgio de chirico and the surrealism
63 photos
Mons - Giorgio de Chirico and the Surrealism.

condroz - hoyoux and modave
42 photos
The Condroz - Walk in the valley of the Hoyoux river and visit of the castle of Modave.

brussels - bozar - bernard van orley - brussels...
49 photos
Brussels - BOZAR - Bernard van Orley - Brussels and the Renaissance.

belgium - moorsel - exposition: lace is piquant!
45 photos
Belgium - Moorsel - Exposition: lace is piquant!

brussels - dali & magritte
35 photos
Brussels - Exposition: Dali & Magritte.

keith haring
40 photos
Belgium - Bozar: Exposition: Keith Haring.

belgium - mons
83 photos
Belgium - Mons. Visit of Mons with a lot of art.

belgium - grand-leez and petit-leez
52 photos
Belgium - Grand-Leez and Petit-Leez.

tervuren in autumn
33 photos
Tervuren in autumn.

80 photos

walking in flemish brabant
1933 photos
Walking in Flemish Brabant.

belgium - hoegaarden
89 photos
Belgium - Hoegaarden. A walk along churches and chapels.

belgium - art in namur
81 photos
Exposition: Evelyne Axell. Exposition: Henri De Braekeleer. Museum Rops. Some photos in Namur.

brussels - bozar - prints in the age of bruegel
36 photos
Brussels - BOZAR - Prints in the age of Bruegel.

belgium - lommel
38 photos
Walk in Lommel.

art in st-anna-pede
26 photos
Art in St-Anna-Pede.

22 photos
Art in Belgium - Exposition by Campo & Campo in Berchem (Antwerp).

belgium - schulen
22 photos
Belgium - Schulen.

europalia - romania
86 photos
Europalia - Romania.

biënnale 2020
158 photos
Biënnale 2020.

belgium - brussels
81 photos
A lot of sculptures in Brussels (Belgium).

belgium - villers-la-ville
33 photos
Belgium - Villers-la-ville.

brussels - kmsk - wim delvoye
29 photos
Brussels - KMSK - Wim Delvoye.

rodin, meunier & minne.
38 photos
Leuven - Museum M. Rodin, Meunier & Minne. Three perspectives on the Middle Ages.

belgium - kortessem
21 photos
Some photos in Kortessem (Belgium).

belgium - nature and culture in wellen
31 photos
Belgium - Nature and culture in Wellen.

ghent - S.M.A.K. - broodthaerskabinet - raoul de...
116 photos
Ghent - S.M.A.K. - Broodthaerskabinet - Raoul De Keyser.

belgium - lubbeek
75 photos
Visit of Lubbeek (Belgium).

belgium - lummen
39 photos
Belgium - Lummen.

jean- michel folon and his art
85 photos
Jean-Michel Folon and his Art.

28 photos

exposition borman and sons
31 photos
Exposition Borman and sons (Museum M, Leuven).

castle of gaasbeek - feast of fools
19 photos
Castle of Gaasbeek - Feast of fools.

42 photos

belgium - herk-de-stad
37 photos
Belgium - Herk-de-Stad.

46 photos
Walk in Heverlee.

blanden - beauvechain
33 photos
Blanden - Beauvechain.

belgium - sint-truiden
34 photos
Belgium - Sint-Truiden.

belgium - tongerlo and westerlo
61 photos
Belgium - Tongerlo and Westerlo.

machelen-aan-de-leie - roger raveel (1941-1960)
58 photos
Machelen-aan-de-Leie - Roger Raveel (1941-1960).

brussels - kmsk - maurice wyckaert
37 photos
Brussels - KMSK - Maurice Wyckaert.

belgium -...
20 photos
Belgium -Tongeren-Piringen-Jesseren-Overrepen-Widooie.

tervuren - warande walk
34 photos
Tervuren - Warande walk.

holsbeek - broekem walk
37 photos
Holsbeek - Broekem walk.

36 photos

belgium - heusden-zolder
33 photos
Some photos in Heusden-Zolder (Belgium).

hoepertingen - wellen
36 photos
Hoepertingen - Wellen.

belgium - art in la boverie (liège)
39 photos
Belgium - Art in La Boverie (Liège).

belgium - hoeselt
47 photos
Belgium - Hoeselt. Autumn in Werm, Sint-Huibrechts-Hern, Schalkhoven and Romershoven.

40 photos
Walk in Wavre, Limal and Bierges.

belgium -herselt-blauberg-bergom-westerlo
20 photos
Belgium - Herselt-Blauberg-Bergom-Widooie.

belgium - oostham and beringen
27 photos
Belgium - Oostham and Beringen.

belgium-ostend-exposition wout hoeboer
33 photos
Belgium - Ostend - Exposition Wout Hoeboer.

tielt-winge - alsberg walk
39 photos
Tielt-Winge - Alsberg walk.

brussels - villa empain - boghossian foundation
52 photos
Brussels - Villa Empain - Boghossian Foundation.

wespelaar - walk and arboretum
32 photos
Wespelaar - Walk and arboretum.

belgium - masterpieces of msk ghent
41 photos
Belgium - Masterpieces of MSK Ghent.

belgium - averbode-testelt-okselaar
30 photos
Belgium - Averbode-Testelt-Okselaar.

belgium-around bokrijk
39 photos
Belgium - Around Bokrijk/

belgium - hannut-bertrée-cras-avernas
13 photos
Belgium - Hannut-Bertrée-Cras-Avernas.

belgium - haasrode-bierbeek-blanden
22 photos
Belgium - Haasrode-Bierbeek-Blanden.

belgium - linter-kortenaken
31 photos
Belgium - Linter-Kortenaken.

belgium - paal
9 photos
Belgium - Paal.

kortenberg - silsom woods walk
26 photos
Kortenberg - Silsom woods walk.

zoutleeuw - halewijn walk
54 photos
Zoutleeuw - Halewijn walk.

belgium - chastre-villeroux-blanmont
18 photos
Belgium -Chastre-Villeroux-Blanmont.

boutersem - small circle walk
45 photos
Boutersem - Small circle walk.

bertem - bertem forest walk
26 photos
Bertem - Bertem forest walk.

averbode - norbertine walk
48 photos
Averbode - Norbertine walk.

linter - small gete river walk
29 photos
Linter - Small Gete river walk.

landen - seven springs walk
53 photos
Landen - Seven springs walk.

walk up to ransberg
28 photos
Walk up to Ransberg.

belgium - veerle heide-averbode
11 photos
Belgium - Veerle Heide-Averbode.

belgium - diest
10 photos
Belgium - Diest.

rotselaar - wijngaardberg walk
36 photos
Rotselaar - Wijngaardberg walk.

belgium - hoeilaart-jezus-eik-overijse
26 photos
Belgium - Hoeilaart-Jezus-Eik-Overijse.

diest - webbekomsbroek walk
36 photos
Diest - Webbekomsbroek walk.

haacht - antitank trench walk
37 photos
Haacht - Antitank trench walk.

belgium -sint-joris(alken)-nieuwenhoven and...
26 photos
Belgium -Sint-Joris(Alken)-Nieuwenhoven and Kortenbos(Sint-Truiden)-Kozen(Nieuwerkerken).

belgium - val-meer-zichen-bolder(riemst)
25 photos
Belgium - Val-Meer-Zichen-Bolder(Riemst).

huldenberg - margijs walk
44 photos
Huldenberg - Margijs walk.

lennik (gaasbeek) - castles walk
20 photos
Lennik (Gaasbeek) - Castles walk.

tervuren - royal walk
11 photos
Tervuren - Royal walk.

boom - brickmaker walk
98 photos
Boom - Brickmaker walk.

brussels- jewish museum
68 photos
Brussels - Jewish museum.

walking in the valley of the gete river
373 photos
Walking in the valley of the Gete River.

assent - ants-mountain walk
55 photos
Assent - Ants-mountain walk.

walk in zichem
40 photos
Walk in Zichem.

landdorp - valley of the demer river
27 photos
Langdorp - Valley of the Demer river. Walking in Flemish Brabant.

oplinter - genoveva and margaretha walk
35 photos
Oplinter - Genoveva and Margaretha walk.

linter - linterse walk
55 photos
Linter - Linterse walk.

melkwezer and around
43 photos
Melkwezer and around.

geetbets and around
55 photos
Geetbets and around. Walking in Flemish Brabant.

wommersom - maltese walk
28 photos
Wommersom - Maltese walk. Walking in the valley of the Gete River.

sint-pieters-leeuw (vlezenbeek) - high-woods walk
31 photos
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw - High-woods walk.

sint-agatha-rode - lane and dyle walk
34 photos
Sint-Agatha-Rode - Lane and Dyle walk.

galmaarden - walgraeve walk
40 photos
Galmaarden - Walgraeve walk.

roosdaal - windmill walk
44 photos
Roosdaal - Windmill walk.

lubbeek - werveldt walk
25 photos
Lubbeek - Werveldt walk.

belgium - kmskb - .be modern
52 photos
Belgium - KMSKB - .be modern.

mariemont - the world of clovis
31 photos
Mariemont - Exposition: The World of Clovis.

roy lichtenstein - visions multiples
50 photos
Roy Lichtenstein - Visions multiples. BAM Mons (Belgium).

andy warhol - the factory
53 photos
Andy Warhol - The Factory. Exposition: Liège (Belgium) - La Boverie.

holsbeek - bergbroek and dutselhoek walk
40 photos
Holsbeek - Bergbroek and Dutselhoek walk.

lubbeek (linden) - speelberg walk
40 photos
Lubbeek (Linden) - Speelberg walk.

affligem - robber barons walk
36 photos
Affligem - Robber barons walk.

asse - kruisborre walk
46 photos
Asse - Kruisborre walk.

bierbeek - schavaai walk
37 photos
Bierbeek - Schavaai walk.

zemst - weerdse winding walk
23 photos
Zemst - Weerdse winding walk.

budingen and around
41 photos
Budingen and around.

rummen - old tramline walk
12 photos
Rummen - Old tramline walk. Walking in Flemish Brabant.

grazen - goat riders walk
22 photos
Grazen - Goat riders walk.

hertberg walk in herselt
29 photos
Hertberg walk in Herselt.

bierbeek - nethen
64 photos
Bierbeek - Nethen. Walking along the linguistic frontier.

heverlee - the path of ad
60 photos
Heverlee - The path of Ad. A walk of 26 km.

glabbeek - glaze walk
24 photos
Glabbeek - Glaze walk.

molenstede - asdonk walk
33 photos
Molenstede - Asdonk walk.

rillaar - hills walk
35 photos
Rillaar - Hills walk.

aarschot - meetshoven walk
28 photos
Aarschot - Meetshoven walk.

attenrode-wever - nature and culture
39 photos
Attenrode-Wever - Nature and culture.

beersel - village and herisem walk
66 photos
Beersel - Village and Herisem walk.

zoutleeuw - viskot-terhagen and bethania walk
70 photos
Zoutleeuw - Viskot-Terhagen and Bethania walk.

msk ghent - exposition gustave van de woestyne
22 photos
MSK Ghent - Exposition Gustave Van de Woestyne.

roger raveel - a retrospection
88 photos
Roger Raveel - A Retrospection. BOZAR (Brussels) See also: www.flickr.com/photos/waltercallens/albums/72157632663347997 www.flickr.com/photos/waltercallens/albums/72157717923177936

assent (bekkevoort) - wissenbeemd walk
38 photos
Assent (Bekkevoort) - Wissenbeemd walk.

drcongo - masks in kinshasa
6 photos
DRCongo - Masks in Kinshasa.

le grand-hornu - johan muyle
55 photos
Le Grand-Hornu - Johan Muyle.

grimbergen - chapel walk
67 photos
Grimbergen - Chapel walk.

zoutleeuw - blossom walk
38 photos
Zoutleeuw - Blossom walk.