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I read the news today, oh boy,
About a lucky man who made the grade,
And though the news was rather sad …
I’d love to turn you on”
Lennon & McCartney A Day in the Life.

I’ve seen a lot of photos in the news lately with “1.5° to Survive” written on people’s palms. Then this morning saw that 200 nations attending COP27 have agreed to start (yet another) fund to assist developing countries with adaptation to climate change; but the conference made no progress on cutting emissions. So I wrote “1.5°“ on my never-calloused, winter-dried fingertips, because the opportunity has slipped away. No surprise, sensible people have known for awhile, The Economist finally said so in plain English earlier this month:

When our dreams exceed our grasp, …
Love Nature, Help Others, Be Grateful
20-11-2022; 08:20 CST iPhone
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