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Virgil Martin / 21 items

9 photos
Abandoned buildings and other remnants of bygone days.

Eastern Ontario Landscapes
22 photos
Geographically, I'll include anything east of Toronto and Lake Simcoe, and south of the French River.

Costa Rica 2018
74 photos

Salt Spring Island
5 photos

Vancouver Island
58 photos

Canadian Rockies
54 photos

Patterns and Textures
34 photos

Waterloo Region
199 photos
Mostly rural scenery from around our landlocked municipality.

253 photos

87 photos

27 photos

24 photos

18 photos

Drive-by Shooting: The Wild West
18 photos
On a road trip through Washington and Oregon states, I was in the back seat--which was perfect for practicing shooting from a moving vehicle :-) My aim with this project is to capture the impression...

Altered Perspectives
14 photos
We earthlings live with an ant's-eye view of our environment. Whether driving, hiking or biking, we just naturally see the landscape in cross-section. It's only when we climb or fly that we are...

Eastern Cuba
49 photos

Southern Ontario Landscapes
475 photos
This is just a collection of miscellaneous shots from around the province, taken at various times and with several different cameras.

The Conestoga in Winter
53 photos
Winter is perhaps the best time to do night photography. And the worst! Snow brightens things up, making it much easier to find enough light to capture a decent image. It makes for neat, clean and...

Conestoga Springtime
26 photos
For the past 150 years, springtime on the Conestoga River has meant high volumes of water and flooding. As a consequence of land clearing throughout the watershed and especially in the headwaters,...

Summer on the Conestoga
67 photos
So pleasant, and too short. That about sums up the summer season. I'm not a fan of hot, humid weather, but at night, and especially along the river, there is nothing to complain about. Standing...

Conestoga Autumn
46 photos
Colourful, but a little sad. Maybe that's why I've left this set 'til last.