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Staffan Hamnäs / 117 items

Tussi 2020
42 photos

Tussi 2019
93 photos

Vacation Hamburg 2018
9 photos

Tussi 2018
113 photos

Vacation Lüneburg, September 11-15, 2017
7 photos

Castles in Scania
7 photos

Our new home in Ödåkra
58 photos

Kusinträff Örebro 2017-05-25 - 27
8 photos

Lillsemester Lubeck April 2017
7 photos

Tussi 2017
200 photos

Berlin Augusti 2016
28 photos

Life of Tussi 2016
246 photos, 2 videos

28 photos

121 photos

Life of Tussi 2016
43 photos

5 photos

Berlin 24-29August, 2015
39 photos

Life of Tussi
374 photos, 2 videos
Photos of my fave subject 2015

Silli' Lilli' Tussi
35 photos
Uploaded from Mac "Pictures/Picasa/Exporter/Silli' Lilli' Tussi" on Staffans Mac mini

Ms Missy Bling
46 photos
Our daughter Vickie's cat who lives in the town Ängelholm

Landscape, Skyscape & Seascape
2103 photos
Best viewed full screen or the slideshow option www.flickr.com/photos/vanstaffs/sets/72157594548556779/show/

Explored Tussi photos
205 photos
The photos of our little Tussi that are or has been in the Flickr Explore pages. Tussi Explore Explore ;)

15 photos
Panasonic Lumix cameras and lenses

1053 photos, 2 videos
Flowers and plants indoors and outdoors.

850 photos
Photos from our beautiful nature and all kind of birds.

Victoria och Rickard bröllop
3 photos

25 photos

18 photos

Tussi 2014
405 photos, 1 video

Tussi 2013
423 photos, 2 videos
Tussi in her new home in Laröd

327 photos
Odonata, Anisoptera. Fantastic, impressing insects and I seem not to get enough of them. The biggest (in Sweden) can have a wingspan of up to 115mm and a total length of up to 90mm. They're all...

91 photos
Odonata, Zygoptera

190 photos, 2 videos

Hoverflies and other flies
185 photos, 1 video
Hoverflies, bees, wasps, bumble-bees and other colorful flying insects. There are approx 343 species of hoverflies in Sweden only - I do think they're rather cool, so my focus in this set will be...

Scenic Panoramic Landscape shots
209 photos
Most of them made of more than one photo. Please view them as large as possible - all are optimized for 1920x1080 Full-HD screens.

My Cameras
32 photos
The cameras and lenses I currently own and use

Suzzie on new adventures
72 photos
We bought another new car in May 2013 - it's a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi 2.4 Sport 4x4. We bought a new car in October 2010 - it's a 2011 Suzuki Swift and we're very pleased with it. It's a small but...

117 photos
Our former Royal summer palace with an fantastic park just by the sea. See also; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sofiero_Castle

22 photos

Muffi, Tiger & Zazza
27 photos
My brothers three cats

Ronneby/Stenaby Juli 2013
22 photos

Tussi Explorer 2012
471 photos, 1 video
The set with Tussi photos for 2012 . both indoors and outdoors.

612 photos
Krapperup castle - in the North-West corner of our region Scania, Sweden, and very close to where I live (just a few kilometers or within walking distance). The current castle is built in the 16:th...

Tussi Explorer 2011
341 photos
Our cat Tussi's adventures in our garden. Tussi is a rescue cat. We're told that she was approx 8 months at the time We adopted her in August 22, 2006. She is born sometime in late 2005 we...

Tussi 2011
19 photos
Tussi's indoors activities.

Tussi 2010
81 photos
Tussi is 4 years old now as we count her as born January 1st, 2006 (we really don't know when she's born, but the vet' guesstimated her age to about 8 months when we got her in August 2006)

Tussi in her garden 2010
370 photos
Photo of Tussi's exploring of her garden this year.

Tussi 2009
102 photos, 4 videos
Photos of our Tussi, indoors, during 2009. She ought to be 3 years old by now.

Tussi Tuzz® In Her Garden 2009
801 photos, 7 videos
Photos from Tussi's exploring of our garden. She started early this year. Usually she doesn't like to go out at all until the middle of March or so.

Tussi 2008
284 photos
Photos of Tussi indoors. We got Tussi in August 22, 2006 - she was approx 8-9 months old by then (see my first photos of her in my set Tussi Cat) so she must be approx 2 years old by now. We got her...

Tussi Explorer 2008
645 photos, 1 video
Tussi's venture out and exploring of our garden, sorry; her garden, spring and summer 2008. In short; Tussi's adventures outdoors.

Tussi Explorer 2007
543 photos
Photos of Tussi's venture out in our garden. We've had her inside our house since we got her in August 2006 and she has recently started to go out (March 2007, she has not shown any interest for to...

Tussi cat
1115 photos
Tussi is a rescue cat. We're told that she was approx 8 months at the time We adopted her in August 22, 2006. She is born sometime in late 2005 we guess. She was dumped in front of the cat home...

A walk in the rain at Kullaberg
14 photos

67 photos
in and around our village. I'm not that sacred or religious, but I can find churches to be interesting old buildings. So far I have photos from three of our churches in the Höganäs municipality;...

95 photos
No, not Microsoft Windows, but real windows with a view out - or in. It's not the window itself that's interesting, but the details surrounding it usually. The window itself can be interesting...

8 photos

Kusinträff 2014 - Säveholm, Vänga
14 photos

1/18 diecast car models
46 photos
I collected these fine models a couple of years ago. Since then I have sold all of them and invested the money in cameras, fine lenses and other camera gear. I miss my models time to time, but I have...

Kusinträff i Örebro Maj 2013
6 photos

My cars
66 photos
Mostly photos of my current car, but also a set with photos of the cars I have owned during my life. 1.1962 VW 1200 Beetle in white, but I haven't found any photo of that particular car yet. 2. 1969...

27 photos
Seen and photographed

21 photos
July 6-8, 2012

Our home
56 photos
Photos from our home with super-wide lens

Birds and Boats
12 photos
Landscape or seascape photos with both birds and ships/boats in.

Mid-September walk in the park of castle Krapperup
41 photos
...and nearby - Sepember 12, 2012

Most viewed, faved and commented photos
50 photos
My most viewed, faved and commented photos in my photostream Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 1:37am UTC

Oden & Co.
26 photos, 4 videos
The toad Oden (he or she has one eye only) and the other fauna in or close to the pond in our garden. I saw Oden (or a toad) first time in 2005 the same year when we built the little pond in our...

Fences and Flowers
15 photos
...or fenceless flowers ;)

Gates & Arches
25 photos
I find gates and arches rather interesting - the give a great frame for the photo and arches usually have great light inside.

Tussi & Tuss
21 photos
i.e. the cloned photos I have of our Tussi.

Titti, Otto, Elsa & Dhina
156 photos
Our daughters' mother-in-laws pets - three cats and one dog. The kittens Titti and Otto (born on August 13, 2008), their mom' Elsa and the dog Dhina. A very happy family of pets.

My own fave's of Tussi
65 photos
The photos of Tussi which are best in my own humble opinion.

Tussi random 20
20 photos
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 5th January 2018 at 7:38am UTC

Tussi Live
18 videos
Videos of our Tussi-Tuzz

My Town Höganäs
100 photos
I live in the North-West part of the region Skåne (Scania), Southern Sweden. The place I live in is called Nyhamnsläge which is a part of the town Höganäs. Here are a set with photos from and of...

Tussi and her new friend Lo
104 photos, 1 video
Lo is a neighbour's cat or kitten. Photos from their adventures in our garden. Late winter and early spring 2009. Lo is the Swedish word for Lynx. Lo is the first other cat Tussi accepted as visitor...

Kiel - June 27 - 30, 2011
37 photos
A small vacation to the city Kiel in Northern Germany. Our first longer trip with our new Suzuki and yes, it went fine.

Berlin 21-24 July, 2009
48 photos
Photos from a short stay in Berlin.

Berlin - July 14-17, 2008
47 photos
Photos from a short stay in Berlin.

Rostock 9-12 Juli, 2007
30 photos
Bilder från vår semester tillsammans med Vickie & Henrik

Rhodes 1976
8 photos
29 Augusti till 5 September 1976. We spent our first wedding anniversary there. We were married on August 30, 1975.

Vacation Germany - Italy June 4-12, 1977
43 photos
Our vacation by car in 1977 Most photos taken by me with my Rolleiflex SL35 with various Carl Zeiss lenses (I think I brought the Distagon 18mm/4, the Distagon 35mm/1,4 and the Planar 50mm/1,4) The...

Kusinträff Nyhamnsläge 2012
21 photos
Årlig kusin-träff 2012, 17-20 Maj. Ullas kusiner Susanne och Thomas med respektive Anders och Ingrid. Ullas kusinbarn Maria och hennes dotter Mirai. På fredagen den 18 maj kom Kent & Gunilla...

38 photos
Photos of swans and other white, big birds. I do think swans are cool birds and rather hard to get proper exposure of, so I'm training and training to learn ;) Best lighting conditions IMO, are a...

Classic Cars and other cars
154 photos

Macro-Micro Flora & Fauna
20 photos

190 photos
Small life around our garden, in the neighborhood and our region. Skane, southern Sweden.

Playing with a fisheye-lens
24 photos
March 1976 in Helsingborg. A very simple fisheye converter on my Rolleiflex SL35 SLR-camera which I recently bought. Later on, I invested in a true Carl Zeiss F-Distagon 16mm/2,8 fisheye-lens, which...

11 photos
My photos with beyond 10.000 views - Thanks for all views on these photos ;)

Most interesting
40 photos
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1 year with Tussi
337 photos
One photo of Tussi for each day for one year. I don't have any photo from the first day we got her (Aug.22, 2006) as she was rather shy and hided for several hours, so I borrowed the photo from the...

Best of Tussi
37 photos
Most faved, viewed (100+) and commented of my Tussi photos.

95 photos
Interesting buildings or angle of view of buildings

Flickr friends
16 photos
Portraits and photos of flickr addicts ;)

Explore i500
382 photos, 2 videos
My photos displayed at the Flickr Explore pages. Most of them are in/out as Explore isn't exactly static ;) 135 photos so far (August 31st, 2011) to my knowledge. (I know that Scout says 101 only,...

Tussi in motion
18 photos

2 photos
Play with light and shadows

a shot in the dark
27 photos
Photos of candles and other small lights

213 photos
Created with Autostitch

Cameras I once owned
116 photos
Cameras, lenses and other photostuff I have owned in the past - and not so past ;)

Lill-Semester 1975 Lübeck
13 photos

Paintings & Works of Art
7 photos

Sun, Moon and Sky
62 photos
it says all ;)

56 photos
My "near and dear" and some friends ;)

47 photos
Welcome to the dream world of Reflectography.

67 photos
pets we know or used to know

77 photos
Photos of me with or without my camera ;)

48 photos
We've been in Italy a couple of times during the years but not that often that we could have wished for unfortunately. This set is from our trips to Italy in 1977 and when we did about the same trip...

203 photos
cats we had, or friends and familys cats

Luddefia & Kitty
45 photos, 1 video
They were born May 21, 1994. We adopted Julle away in July -94 but we kept both Ludde & Kitty. They both gave us a lot of joy and love during the years Unfortunately we had to put Kitty to...

124 photos
Photos from the north west peninsula of Skåne, Sweden

Therese och Daniel, Bröllop
1 photo
1 Augusti 2008 i Ekeby kyrka 16.00

Bröllops resan
1 photo
Till London 31/8 - 7/9 1975

Family B&W
9 photos
Vår familj i svartvitt från diverse år. Här kommer jag att lägga upp alla svart vita bilder som kommer att vara av intresse för oss i familjen. Både Ullas och min sida av familjen vill...

Family - color
167 photos
Mycket bilder på Vickie & Tess, men det kommer annat också nu när jag börjat gräva i alla mina 10-tusentals dia- och negativ....;) Jag försöker att lägga alla bilder i tidslinje (alltså,...

My city Helsingborg
238 photos
The closest, big city to where I live and the city I was born in. We moved back to Helsingborg in 2012 (December 1st)