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User / Brian Eagar Nature Photography / howler monkey mom and baby snuggling
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On December 24th I spent some time exploring our rental property on the Osa Peninsula. Some of the kids played at the beach and relaxed in the yoga hut. I chased some lizards with my son and looked for birds and other wildlife to photograph. We also picked some coconuts and other fruit. I found a couple of brown basilisks on the edge of the property and heard a howler monkey way off in the distance. A little while later while I was photographing some scarlet macaws my wife yelled to say there was a whole troop of howler monkeys on the edge of the property so I went over there to get some photos. I have seen howler monkeys many times in Mexico and Costa Rica but their loud grunting howls and acrobatics in the trees don't get old. I watched them for quite a while and took quite a few photos. It was funny to watch them seemingly fight with the macaws over their territory.

It was fun to relax and just see how much nature came to us.
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  • Taken: Dec 24, 2020
  • Uploaded: Jan 24, 2021
  • Updated: Feb 1, 2021