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in my garden ...


Come all you fair and tender ladies
Take warning how you court young men
They're like a star
On a cloudy morning
First they'll appear
And then they're gone

They'll tell you some lovin story
They'll swear to you that their love is true
Straight they'll go on
And they'll court some other
That's the love they have for you

Oh don't you remember our days of courting
You told then that you loved me best
You could make me believe
If I fell out of your arms
That the sun rose in the west

I wish I was some little sparrow
and I had wings and I could fly
I'd fly right by
to my false true lover
when he's talking I'd deny
but I am not some little sparrow
and I've no wings and I can't fly
so stay right here
in my grief and sarrow
and let my times pass me by
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  • Taken: Mar 11, 2008
  • Uploaded: Mar 11, 2008
  • Updated: Mar 16, 2017