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User / Trevor Dobson / Summer Milky Way at Marradong, Western Australia
Trevor Dobson / 16,147 items
Nikon d810a
ISO 6400
Foreground: 14 x 10 seconds
Sky: 36 x 30 seconds
iOptron SkyTracker

This is a 50 shot panorama of the Southern Hemisphere's Summer Milky Way arch above a large dead tree at Marradong, 1.5 hours south east of Perth in Western Australia.

This image was taken with a 20nm narrow band hydrogen alpha filter which allows the capture of much more h-alpha data from those Ha emitting regions of the night sky such as Orion & Barnard's Loop, seen here on the left side of the image. The most prominent region on the right side of the image, just above Carina, is the large Gum Nebula. Almost in the middle is the very aptly named Seagull Nebula while on the far left is the California Nebula. In the top right, though not a strong Ha emitting region, is the Large Magellanic Cloud.
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  • Taken: Jan 4, 2024
  • Uploaded: Feb 10, 2024
  • Updated: Feb 26, 2024