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User / inefekt69 / Milky Way at The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia
Trevor Dobson / 16,029 items
Nikon d5500
ISO 4000
Foreground: 44 x 30 seconds
Sky: 80 x 30 seconds
iOptron SkyTracker
Hoya Red Intensifier filter

This is a 124 shot panorama of the Milky Way as it begins to set towards the western horizon at The Pinnacles Desert, 2 hours north of Perth in Western Australia.

I've been to this location more times than I can remember and have always light painted the foregrounds (mainly because it's so dark here - proper Bortle 1 skies) but this time I decided to capture the natural colours of the landscape. Light painting tends to give things a reddish tinge when used in conjunction with the Hoya Red Intensifier filter. Here you can see the natural yellow of the desert sands at The Pinnacles.

Prominent in this image is the bright red Carina Nebula just above the horizon on the left side. The North America Nebula is on the opposite side of the image, also red in colour and hovering just above the horizon. The multi coloured Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex can be seen just left of centre above the tallest pinnacle.
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  • Taken: Aug 5, 2021
  • Uploaded: Dec 1, 2021
  • Updated: Jan 3, 2022