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Tim Noonan / 53 items

Panorama abstracts
61 photos
Taken with an i-pad and manipulated or compressed in photoshop. One was taken with a samsung smartphone from a moving train.

Abstract Texture
40 photos
Abstract textures overpowering the scene.

Urban Energy
276 photos

Black and White
127 photos
Abstractions and works in B&W tones.

Digital Drawings
191 photos
These images were created by digitally drawing/painting with Photoshop and Corel Painter.

The Lost Highway
24 photos
Scenes along highway # 7

Paintings and Abstract Artwork
167 photos
This is a set of shots taken in my painting studio: Abstract Canadian Landscape Acrylic Studio Paintings and Artworks on Paper.

416 photos
Digitally altered and manipulated photos which include an element of digital drawing.

Dips and Triptychs
309 photos
Images sliced, diced, arranged in diptychs, triptychs and suites for juxtaposed effect.

Blue Period
40 photos
As in Picasso's "Blue Period," blue flavoured works!

75 photos

113 photos

224 photos
Winter scenes.

Autumn Artistry
112 photos
Manipulated Autumn scenes in the forest.

Flowers & Irises
133 photos
June Irises and flowers of summer!

New Water
38 photos

Red 2
14 photos

Red set
92 photos
Images with red as a dominant colour.

205 photos
Photos that I have enhanced, layered with a double image or collaged for effect through photoshop exerimentation!

Sri Lanka
54 photos, 4 videos
Some pics from trip to Sri Lanka, summer 2011.

58 photos
Mannequins in windows.

Ian's Stock
5 photos
My cousin uploaded to my hd for me to use, his shots of Shanghai and China.

Experimental Directions
50 photos

23 photos

Urban Lights
12 photos
Urban and Festive Lights

9 photos
City walls and treatment.

Autumn Scenes
22 photos
Works in the Autumn season.

99 photos
Views with water.

Enhanced Parks
42 photos

Spring Thaw
19 photos

Abstract Waters
6 photos
Photos of water that are abstract in content and form.

69 photos
Trees, flowers, plants, ponds and all things that can be found in parks.

Forest Tints
12 photos

City Streets
111 photos
Various streets, buildings, structures, graffiti and textures in urban Toronto and elsewhere.

Birds and Animals
40 photos
Pictures of birds and animals from the Toronto Zoo and Parks.

26 photos

49 photos
Diptychs stiched together by varying themes and juxtapositions.

Gallery Shots
12 photos
Various shots taken at gallery openings.

Hard Edge
2 photos

29 photos
Photos of vehicles taken around the city.

23 photos
Sculptures, structures and objects photographed around Toronto and elsewhere.

4 photos

Painter Manipulation Contact 08
38 photos
A selection for the Contact 2008 photo festival. May 1 - 31, Web Networks, 384 - 401 Richmond St. West. Toronto, ON. Hours: Tue – Fri 1 – 5pm, Sat 2 – 5pm, or by appt. timnoonan.ca

Darker Light
74 photos
Dark and muted images with a surreal quality.

Pop Art
12 photos

59 photos
Mannequin windows.

Seasons Greetings
75 photos
Images created for and during the holiday season.

32 photos
Images with a sepia or like tint.

13 photos

Bicycle Works
9 photos

Stream Study
1 photo

14 photos
Collaborated pieces with fellow flickr members.

2 photos
Some portraits and figures from around.