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User / Anthony (The Secret Walrus) Wilson / Sets / Jaller, Captain of the Deep Seas
Anthony Wilson / 1 item

N 158 B 20.3K C 10 E Aug 28, 2017 F Aug 28, 2017
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Made for the 2017 Bio-cup.

The theme was revamping a set so it was a good excuse to make another Mahri revamp to go with my Hahli.

You might notice that the upper leg design is very similar to Hahli's which was intentional right from the start, I tried to keep a lot of design aspects from my Hahli moc to make it look like they could be part of a Toa team.

I'm not sure why I though making Jaller a pirate captain-esque figure but the more I though about it the more it made sense; underwater theme, head of the toa team, looking for a mystical gold treasure. Makes sense I guess.

Tags:   bionicle lego moc toa mahri Jaller 2007 rahi crab pirate biocup biocup2017 2017