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Maligne Lake
10 photos, 1 video
Blog Post on 10centstudio.com

Lake O’Hara Backcountry Trip
30 photos
Our recent trip to Lake O'Hara Campground. Blog post shortly

Anián & Larches
10 photos
Canadian classic hike to Larch Valley, a stay at HiHostels Lake Louise and beautiful recycled wool from Anián

Ribbon Lake Backcountry
16 photos
an overnighter to Ribbon lake via Ribbon falls

Berg Lake Trail
43 photos, 1 video

Bowron Lakes June 2019
42 photos, 1 video
Blog Post - 10centstudio.com/blog/2019/6/23/bowron-lakes-canoe-circui...

Newborn Session
9 photos

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit
2 photos

famous five
5 photos
a handful of my random recent personal favorites.

10cent home
22 photos
my ever changing home

tagged as myself
541 photos, 2 videos
the10centdesigner.blogspot.com/ Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 7th January 2018 at 5:36am UTC

118 photos

artistic license
12 photos
All images in this set are the result of a collaboration with my dear friend and fellow Calgary creative/photographer Shane Yuhas. You can find more of Shane's solo work here- shaneyuhas.com/ all...

The 10 cent Diet
245 photos
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500 photos
all film photos Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 7th January 2018 at 6:34pm UTC

30 photos

40 year old Hasselblad
109 photos
the camera isn't really 40. But I got it for my 40th birthday.

Olga shoots film (holga)
49 photos
Holga photos

Getty Images
638 photos
licensed Getty Image photos You can buy them at getty images!

372 photos
all Holga, all the time Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 1:02am UTC

5 photos

rollei 35
24 photos

canon sure shot circa 1980's
32 photos

27 photos

instax mini
20 photos

Olympus E-P1
24 photos

My Sun 600
84 photos

Diana Mini
3 photos
Lomo Diana Mini photos

instax wide
6 photos

193 photos

Saskatchewan 2013 trip
4 photos

Great Sandhills
3 photos

Fall Grasslands
7 photos

May Grasslands trip
11 photos

Palm Springs California
4 photos, 1 video

Mexico 2012
11 photos, 1 video

NY 2011
4 photos

grasslands on a whim
14 photos

Ribbon Lake back country camping Sept. 2011
4 photos

It never rains in Portland
7 photos

staycation 2011
8 photos

@sacredlotus visits
25 photos

teepee road trip
16 photos

27 photos

17 photos, 2 videos
My trip to visit friends n Mexico

the nice modernist
12 photos
spent an enjoyable and leisurely day shooting film with my long time flickr friend Andy van der Raadt otherwise known as the nice modernist He is one of those brilliant, creative types. You know...

Grasslands National Park 2010
5 photos, 1 video
a solo camping trip to Grasslands National Park

16 photos, 2 videos
a solo trip through Southern Saskatchewan

Travelling with Scott
27 photos
I invited Scott to come visit. We took him all over Alberta. Hiking, road trips and a trip to the ranch with the lone tree field.

Tombstone Lake Camping Trip
7 photos

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
21 photos, 5 videos
We took a 16 day private trip rafting down the Colorado River Through the Grand Canyon. It was an amazing trip. We lived out of doors in the desert for 16 days. Sleeping under the stars, rafting...

Birthday Road Trip 2010
11 photos

Nevada desert hiking trip 09
20 photos
Highlights from this 4 day trip. 1. We stayed at the Westin Elements on the west side of town. Smoke free, Leed certified, kitchenettes in every suite, & 10 minutes away from Red Rocks. 2....

Ribbon Lake Camping Trip
10 photos

48 photos
We went to Norway. It was awesome. We got to stay with our awesome flickr friends Astrid and Solve! Their hospitality was amazing. If you go to Norway we would like to recommend you stay at Sola...

Grasslands 2009
16 photos
Grasslands national Park

California Postcards
36 photos

ch☺c☺kat and 10 cent
12 photos
My friend Kathya came to visit such adventure!

The grand German tourist adventure
33 photos
Our German flickr friends have come for a visit!

21 photos

New York
8 photos

inside Habana
19 photos
my quick tour of Havana recommended soundtrack- Imaginary Cuba - produced and arranged by Bill Laswell view buckarooken's set here- www.flickr.com/photos/buckarooken/sets/72157594499318430/

Ottawa home
5 photos

Birthday photobooth
2 photos

Taken whilst on a bike ride
29 photos, 1 video
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10 photos
whistler vacation

atomic Arco
5 photos
Main Street Arco Idaho

wide open
15 photos
Montana, Wyoming, Idaho highlight- Craters of The Moon National Monument good hiking in Glacier National Park private back country camping at Grand Tetons other than a couple of lensbaby shots, I...

12 photos
grasslands national park saskatchewan epic

2 weeks in september
20 photos
honeymoon- we travelled through BC, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon and back to Alberta. All good, tons of fun. Camper van worked out perfect! some hiking, some driving and a campfire every night. ...

roid week summer 2011
8 photos

beautiful friends
8 photos

winter hiking and skiing
67 photos
see also- my hiking set

20 photos
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118 photos

my life
158 photos
places, things and people in my world

magical places I have been
37 photos

48 photos, 4 videos

59 photos

my wonderful costume
18 photos

WMFL#9 @sacredlotus
8 photos
where my friends live #9- Sacredlotus in Portland

"where my friends live" #7
9 photos
Meet Nancy, Hannah, Jake and Todd

10 photos
Caroline, Shawn and Isabelle

"where my friends live" #5 Swedish Guy
9 photos
see more of Oscars house in this set! here

"where my friends live" #4
10 photos
Meet Jason & Capri They live in a cool house

"where my friends live" john, adriane, noel &...
11 photos
#3 in the series of where my friends live on my blog

"where my friends live" Vas & Mike
12 photos

"where my friends live" Alyssa & Shane
9 photos
where my friends live on the blog

15 photos
paired up and paired down

Swedish Guys Mid Century Modern Home
26 photos
My Swedish Friends amazing house. house tour on Apartment Therapy here

other peoples houses
30 photos
inside other peoples houses. Interior Stories

Christmas and New Year Madness
23 photos

9 photos
displaying art the 10 cent way

a living room story
6 photos

tiny budget big results
11 photos
My clients adventurous inner city family home

my brand new guest bath
7 photos

Amazing Master Bedroom Project
12 photos
see the before's here!

My new favorite project
12 photos
My favorite clients own this home, I have so far redesigned the second floor, the master bedroom/bath and the living room. We hope to redesign the kitchen next year. blogged- here see also -...

i like grass
43 photos

Landing Zone
34 photos
The 10 cent Designer has lost her Head

10 cent pieces
30 photos

42 photos

Agathe and friends
17 photos
My original Kenner Blythe doll from 1972. (one owner -me!) more photos here

brrrrrr winter
42 photos

the breakfast project
25 photos
documenting what I ate for breakfast for a few weeks. I tend to eat something different every single day for breakfast. Buckarooken generally eats his homemade granola every day for breakfast with...

Mac movies
31 videos
made on a mac

36 photos
it's fun to stitch a bunch of photos together.

241, 341, 441,+
18 photos

Leonard (and friends)
40 photos, 3 videos
monkey's I have made

my people
39 photos

around town
72 photos
hello Calgary

Home from the start
132 photos
all of my home pictures since I started flickr Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 3:51am UTC

99 photos, 1 video
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 7th January 2018 at 5:48pm UTC

the big party
6 photos
all but the first 4 of these photos were taken by photographer Jared Sych

a very small affair
14 photos
Our official wedding. The party came later at the big wedding! (we needed the documents you see)

what I ate Jan 2nd 2011
3 photos
three square meals, plus a banana and a couple of dates.

stolen moments -best of 2010
12 photos
my favorite moments from 2010 blogged 1. Snowshoeing Black Prince on a magical day. January is still full of hope. 2. An evening photo shoot in the skankiest bear costume you could ever possibly...

the superfavs
11 photos

books & contests & stuff
9 photos