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Pentax Photo Gallery
13 photos
These are photos that are selected into Pentax Photo Gallery.

30 photos
Photographs that I think are my best works.

50 photos
This set contains my photographs that have at least 1 favorite count.

The good stuff
2 photos
These photos were entered into challenges / contests and finished reasonably high. Well, I never expect my pics to beat the pros / semi pros with gears 10 times the price. So top 20 finish / first...

38 photos
These are photos that were rejected from PENTAX Photo Gallery. Keep me humble looking at these.

Olympus E-P1 (gear)
31 photos
This camera is amazingly retro looking and takes good pictures. Not a point-and-shoot, not a DSLR. It's a PEN. :D

Pentax K-5 (gear)
58 photos
My first DSLR.

Sigma 8-16mm f4.5-5.6
16 photos
My ultra-wide angle. It's equivalent to 12-24mm in FF term.

Sigma 50-150mm f2.8
18 photos
My portrait and short birding lens.

Pentax 35mm macro limited
17 photos
This is a very good versatile normal lens. It has good sharpness even wide open at f2.8. 1:1 macro capability means it will never be too close to focus - in fact, with the built-in hood fully...

Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6
18 photos
I used to own a super zoom camera (Panasonic FZ28) and sometimes I miss it for the very long tele end. Enters the Tamron! This lens is very cheap with decent IQ (and that means better than the super...

Gear for sale
20 photos
Currently selling Canon FD 50mm f1.4. Half-art, half-promotion. :)

LG Blu-ray Writer
6 photos

Canon FD 100mm f4.0
9 photos
A marvellous macro lens that has good image quality. Just that it's a little too heavy for my MFT cameras.

Canon FD 50mm f1.4
14 photos
A very high quality 50mm prime which serves as good portrait lens for Micro Four Third format with the right adapter.

Pentax K-5
63 photos
Taken with the fantastic Pentax K-5.

Panasonic GH1
128 photos
Panasonic Lumix DMC GH1 My current camera of choice for creative works. Compact and light enough for my small hands. DSLR form factor is great with legacy lenses.

Olympus E-P1
30 photos
Olympus PEN E-P1 My travel camera. The retro design is fantastic. Compact enough to go around with, yet not so small that the lenses become out of proportion.

Panasonic FZ28
47 photos, 1 video
Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ28 A fantastically versatile super zoom. The down is the lack of hot shoe for external flash and fixed LCD. The up is pretty much everything else. :) This was the camera that...

Fujifilm F20
86 photos
Fufifilm F20 The camera that introduced me to photography and the concept of sensor size. I still have it now, even though it is not exactly running very well.

198 photos

137 photos

77 photos, 1 video

2008 and earlier
2 photos

Black and White
6 photos
I like colors so you will rarely see any pics in this set. But every now and then, I do like the effect.

Cut Outs
13 photos
Cut Outs or "Selective Desaturation" is a processing technique that removes all/almost all color, leaving behind only a few to bring out the main subject.

29 photos
The old school definition of macro is size of subject image on sensor = real size of subject. That is a little too strict for me. Yet, I have a very strong view when I look at a picture whether it's...

Square is the new cool
35 photos
Square format is one of my favorite. It has such a retro feel to it that just right. Blame it on my geeky background (or you can call it nerdy :D),

High Dynamic Range
32 photos
HDR is a processing technique combining multiple exposures to increase dynamic range of the picture. Pseudo-HDR's are also included in this set since they use similar processing techniques. In PHDR,...

21 photos
I don't take many landscape pics not because I don't like them but more because it's hard to get it right. Usually the beautiful sceneries are always dotted with people which can contaminate an...

Street Photography
33 photos
It's hard to describe what exactly is "Street" Photography. But like macro, I have a very strong feeling as to which one is "Street", which one is not.

Vintage Color
53 photos
One of my favorite color treatment with Lightroom. The processing gives these pics a very vintage feel that isn't really B&W nor overly vibrant moden P&S color. These are usually paired with...

Close up
43 photos
Close up has nothing to do with the distance between you and the subject (nor any kind of tooth paste. :D). Close up is about magnification. It is the intermediate between a macro pic and a...

12 photos
Photo of people, babies, ladies etc... Mostly portraits but may have other people pics in it.

26 photos
Things that don't fit anywhere.

Brown University, US
28 photos, 1 video
My Alma Mater. :D

London, England
177 photos
Due to the growing size of this set, it is arranged in upload order (oldest first). Flickr doesn't seem to have a function to order all sets in a certain way, unfortunately. Pictures taken in...

Việt Nam
14 photos

Oxford, England
2 photos
Where Oxford University is located.

11 photos