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User / tango- / (Explored) Borgo Parrini, Partinico, Sicily, March 2024, DSC_1119
Tiberio Frascari / 23,944 items
Close to Palermo, in the municipality of Partinico, there is a small village, called Borgo Parrini, that attracts tourists and sightseers from all over Sicily and beyond.

Borgo Parrini is described as a small, little known Barcelona, tucked away in western Sicily. Just take a walk through its flowery alleys and cobbled walkways and you’ll feel as if you’re surrounded by the modernism of the Catalan artist Antoni Gaudì.

Borgo Parrini is a beautiful artistic village, where you can admire painted walls depicting famous faces, including Frida Kahlo’s or inspiring quotes from visionaries like Pope John Paul II and Gandhi.

The foundation of Borgo Parrini dates back to 1500, when the fathers of the Jesuit Novitiate of Palermo, known as the Parrini, bought some farmland in the north-east of Partinico. Here they built a mill, houses for settlers and farmers, some watchtowers, several warehouses and a small church dedicated to Maria SS. del Rosario.
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