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User / sunbeem - Irene / Mickey Mouse Bush – Ochna kirkii
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This bush is evergreen with waxy leaves and the way the leaves grow is in my opinion very unusual, one is oblong elliptic and the other is narrow obviate in shape and the bush is a slow growing variety. It produces some lovely yellow flowers and when the flowers start to fade they then do something that is surprising, the original flower case starts to close again just as it was before the flower originally opened, but this time it gradually changes colour from its original green colour to peach and onwards until its red. This case now changes to a fleshy, waxy disk which is blood red in colour and within this case it starts to produces between 1 – 6 green berry like or seedpod type berries which are green to begin with and as they grow older they turn black. When we first saw this bush we thought that it was two bushes growing very close together but the more we inspected it we eventually realised that it was just one bush with a fascinating manner of growth.
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  • Taken: Dec 1, 2019
  • Uploaded: Feb 12, 2020
  • Updated: Apr 6, 2020