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User / Trey Ratcliff / Back in New Zealand...
Trey Ratcliff / 6,094 items
Glad to be back home in New Zealand! It was kind of a rough journey coming back... I had two aborted landing attempts in Queenstown on two different planes from Air New Zealand because the weather was bad. The first time we returned to Auckland. On the second failed landing, we re-routed to Christchurch. They didn't arrange a bus or anything (why not?) so I tried to rent a car for the 5.5 hour drive, but nothing was available. So, then, I came up with the bright idea to hitchhike. I've hitchhiked here in New Zealand a ton of times and it's always been fine... people are really nice here. Anyway, while I was exiting the airport, I found a nice beekeeper who gave me a ride. So all that took an extra 18 hours on top of the 14-hour flight from Texas. Oh, and one lost bag... they made me check it at the gate because it was 8kg and not 7kg. I'm like... comon guys... anyway, I hope my bag is having a great time wherever it is.
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  • Taken: Jun 9, 2012
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