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Steve Taylor / 42 items

87 photos

27 photos

Boats and Planes
156 photos

Cars, Bikes, Trains and Other Vehicles
283 photos

South Island
329 photos
The South Island of New Zealand outside of Christchurch

Explore Pictures
56 photos
The lucky pictures that got on the Flickr Explore page

Earthquake December 23 2011
38 photos
This is the result of a double earthquake. The first was 5.8 and the second 6.0 and lots of aftershocks as well

Quail Island
35 photos

Christchurch Art Gallery
150 photos

364 photos

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
210 photos

95 photos
In and around Lyttelton Harbour

The Ordinary meets extraordinary
477 photos
Looking at everyday things in a different light

New Brighton
1150 photos

Canterbury Museum in Christchurch
147 photos

New Brighton Library
23 photos
New Brighton Library is a magical place: It is filled with colours, shapes, angles, people, art and the book.

1970s & 1980s
45 photos

219 photos, 2 videos

Black and White
324 photos

Ellerslie Flower Show
79 photos

41 photos

The Urban Physic Garden
18 photos
On a wet cold day in June I came across The Urban Physic Garden. I loved the idea and the fun aspect of the site. The hospital ward for sick plants was so good and this was combined with the custom...

45 photos

In Hagley Park
200 photos
Just a quick walk around just a 1/4 of Hagley Park, Christchurch produced these images

Margate & Ramsgate
301 photos

30 photos

Hall Place
140 photos

127 photos

1785 photos
Pictures taken around London

Tower of London
34 photos

Street art
2008 photos

Natural History Museum
45 photos

903 photos
Here are some of my photos from a day in Singapore

Christchurch, New Zealand
5282 photos
Pictures taken in the Christchurch area

65 photos
Fungi photographed in New Zealand

Sculptures at South New Brighton
35 photos
These sculptures are for sale and can be found on Marine Parade, South New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch Earthquake 22 February 2011
695 photos, 1 video
These are photos taken in the Christchurch area after the second earthquake on 22 February 2011. I believe that all people inside that shattered buildings miraculously were not killed.

Flowers, Plants & Trees
1384 photos
Pictures of Flowers taken in New Zealand, UK, USA and Singapore

The Strange
552 photos
Any picture that is a bit unusual

Digital Art
4641 photos
Photographs manipulated digitally to look like a painting

Light Effects
33 photos
These are pictures created when taking photos of Xmas lights on Xmas trees and lights at night.. Some pictures do look scarey

Bottle Lake Forest
68 photos