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270 items

6 photos

30 photos, 2 videos

Concert Tickets
11 photos

Alice Cooper
21 photos, 1 video

1 photo

Rob Zombie
15 photos

Family and Friends 2023
4 photos

58 photos

17 photos

Our Small Ranch
2 photos
Pictures of our small property where we plan to retire. My wife and I will also create several blinds from which we can photograph wildlife.

Gabi’s and Billy’s Wedding
296 photos

AI Generated Images
31 photos

The Chicks
54 photos
From their October 10th show at the Pavilion, Toyota Music Factory, in Irving Texas. The setlist is as follows: Sin Wagon Gaslighter Texas Man Julianna Calm Down The Long Way Around My Best...

Patty Griffin
10 photos

64 photos

Demon Hunter
31 photos

Red Hot Chili Peppers
51 photos
Images from the show at Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas, September 18, 2022 Set List Intro Jam Can't Stop Dani California The Zephyr Song Here Ever After Charlie These Are the Ways Snow ((Hey...

59 photos

REO Speedwagon
48 photos

Charley Crockett and the Blue Drifters
47 photos

Steve Earle and the Dukes
33 photos

Brothers Osborne
51 photos

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
30 photos

Willie Nelson and Family
48 photos

Wayne "The Train" Hancock
27 photos

Driftin' Outlaw Band
10 photos

Ryan Glenn Band
6 photos

36 photos

Tears for Fears
55 photos

39 photos

25 photos

Corrosion of Conformity
34 photos

40 photos

49 photos, 1 video
At this link is a review of the Ministry concert of 2023 August. blitzweekly.com/ministry-at-dos-equis-pavilion-8-24-23/

Friends and Family 2022
55 photos, 1 video

Zeal & Ardor
11 photos

Diamante Eléctrico
15 photos

16 photos

Fall Out Boy
24 photos

Green Day
46 photos
Green Day Live; Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt

27 photos
Set List from their Hella Mega Tour show: Intro: Jump (Van Halen song) Hero Hash Pipe All the Good Ones Beverly Hills The End of the Game My Name Is Jonas Pork and Beans Feels Like...

Friends and Family 2021
30 photos

Dale Watson
10 photos

Old Family Photos
135 photos
Most of these are slides that were digitized.

Silky Flycatchers
52 photos
Phainopeplas and Waxwings

Friends and Family 2020
40 photos, 1 video

18 photos

Stone Temple Pilots
22 photos

Rival Sons
22 photos

Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel
7 photos
This is the UK version of the band. His brother maintains the US version of the band.

Midlothian Varsity Football 2019
276 photos

The Alarm
12 photos

Upland Sandpipers
38 photos
This is a species that I only see in my area during migration.

Family and Friends 2019
25 photos

7 photos
Groove and thrash metal band fronted by Max Cavalera's stepson, Richie Cavalera.

Beto Rally
13 photos, 1 video
At the Midlothian Conference Center, October 25, 2018

Midlothian Varsity Football 2018
143 photos

19 photos

Drab Majestry
9 photos

11 photos

Roseate Spoonbills
57 photos, 1 video
One of the more colorful shorebirds

Wood Storks
23 photos
While wood storks do live in Texas as well, I have only taken pictures of them in Florida.

Disney Trip 2018
33 photos, 2 videos

Early Family Snapshots
100 photos

Family and Friends 2018
51 photos, 1 video

Dream Theater
49 photos

Motionless in White
14 photos

Midlothian Football 2017
159 photos

11 photos

Lody Kong
4 photos

22 photos

MHS Cheer Banquet 2017 and 2018
59 photos

Friends and Family 2017
86 photos, 3 videos

17 photos
Crushing thrash riffs!

7 photos

State Fair of Texas
34 photos

Midlothian Football 2016
107 photos
Images from the 2016-2017 season including banquet photos

Prairie Dogs, Squirrels, Hares and Rabbits
147 photos, 1 video
Prairie Dogs, squirrels, rabbits and hares that I have so far seen in Texas, New Mexico and Florida

Cadillac Ranch
10 photos

Palo Duro Canyon, Caprock Canyons and Llano...
53 photos
High Plains and Canyons in the Texas Panhandle

36 photos, 2 videos

31 photos
Groove metal

21 photos

Devil You Know/ Light the Torch
16 photos

Kennedy and Johnson Space Centers
43 photos

22 photos

36 Crazyfists
6 photos

Spades and Blades
3 photos

9 photos
Swedish metal

Fear Factory
19 photos

Perot Museum
18 photos, 1 video

Family and Friends 2016
81 photos, 4 videos

3 photos

House Sparrows
6 photos

Lincoln's and Song Sparrows
48 photos
Images of two sparrows I wish I saw more often.

Rufous-crowned Sparrows
18 photos

Swamp Sparrows
9 photos

White-throated Sparrow
13 photos

Olive Sparrow
31 photos

Black-throated Sparrows
18 photos

Vesper Sparrows
4 photos

Savannah Sparrows
48 photos

Dark-eyed Juncos
92 photos

White-crowned Sparrows
43 photos

Lark Sparrows
54 photos

Chipping Sparrows
46 photos

Field Sparrows
28 photos

Harris's Sparrows
74 photos

9 photos

42 photos
Vehicles of all types

Butterflies and Moths
457 photos, 1 video

Cheap Trick
58 photos

Texas A & M
13 photos

122 photos
This includes both Blue and Green Jays but mostly Green Jays as I have more easy access to them even though blue jays are in my backgyard I have notoriously bad luck with them. I do have a few shots...

Bullet for My Valentine
27 photos

Lamb of God
40 photos
I've seen Lamb of God but I have never had much luck photographing them. Their shows are so crazy.

79 photos

12 photos

Music to My Ears
281 photos

Smashing Pumpkins
30 photos

Marilyn Manson
41 photos

Swallows and Martins
61 photos, 1 video
A collection of Swallows and Martins

Larks and Verdins
3 photos

Colton O'Neill Band
3 photos
Country infused Texas Blues-rock

Reverend Horton Heat
35 photos
Psychobilly pioneers!

Junior Brown
19 photos, 1 video

Thank You Scientist
5 photos

Dwight Yoakam
38 photos

Cavalera Conspiracy and Soulfly
68 photos
Both bands that contain Max Cavalera

Adrenaline Mob
49 photos

Drowning Pool
44 photos

The Toadies
41 photos, 2 videos

16 photos
The legendary Voivod

7 photos
Old school gore metal

Napalm Death
31 photos
Grindcore pioneers and with intelligent,socially responsible lyrics too!

Nothing More
18 photos

Cannibal Corpse
7 photos

43 photos

14 photos

Family and Friends 2015
155 photos, 3 videos

42 photos

Ancient Dwellings and Petroglyphs
46 photos

Far West Texas
251 photos, 4 videos
This album includes images from the Davis Mountains, Big Bend National Park and the surrounding area.

Monuments (Band)
9 photos

74 photos
If anything reminds me of spring, it is the song of a dickcissel.

62 photos
Various grosbeaks that I have seen and photographed

206 photos
Basically just a collection of one of the prettiest birds in North America, a painted bunting, but I do have a few pictures of other buntings.

Steel Panther
20 photos

Judas Priest
68 photos, 2 videos

Café Tacuba
124 photos, 4 videos
This band is one of my favorite bands of Mexico. They are just incredible musicians and very eclectic mixing various styles of music. Video of one of their encores can be found here:...

22 photos

Linkin Park
24 photos

Thirty Seconds to Mars
5 photos

Nine Inch Nails
19 photos

Meteor Crater and Odessa Crater
32 photos

Charm City Devils
11 photos
Opening up for The Winery Dogs, May 2014 at the Granada Theater, Dallas

Painted Desert / Petrified Forest National Park
61 photos
Images from this wonderful natural area near Holbrook, Arizona

The Very Large Array, Plains of San Agustin, New...
11 photos

Sun, Moon and Earth
428 photos, 6 videos
Landscapes, sunsets and sunrises plus Moon images

Red-Shouldered Hawks and Cooper's Hawks
82 photos

Bald Eagle and Osprey
115 photos

Kestrels, Merlins and Harriers
27 photos

30 photos
Both turkey and black vultures are represented in this album.

115 photos

126 photos
I feel fortunate that Mississippi Kites nest in my area each summer. These are some photos of them usually in May or June. After that, they stay very near their nests and do not fly much. The...

Harris's Hawk
62 photos, 1 video

Crested Caracara
92 photos, 1 video

3 photos

Conquering Dystopia
20 photos

Animals as Leaders
40 photos

The Winery Dogs
72 photos
A super group composed of Billy Sheehan on bass, Ritchie Kotzen on guitar and Mike Portnoy on drums

Pet Shop Boys
37 photos

Herons and Egrets
213 photos

The Mavericks
14 photos

8 photos
Metal from Faroe Islands

Children of Bodom
13 photos
From the concert at House of Blues, 11 March, 2014

Death Angel
88 photos

Family and Friends 2014
106 photos, 1 video

18 photos

Amon Amarth
51 photos
The powerful Amon Amarth from Sweden...viking metal at its best!

Christmas 2013
37 photos

6 photos

18 photos
Australian metal from 4Arm

Flotsam and Jetsam
19 photos
Images from their show when they opened for Overkill and Testament, Feb. 2013

40 photos
Images from Warbringer

72 photos
Images from the concerts I have attended from this band

51 photos

137 photos
Images from the four concerts I have seen of the thunderous Gojira.

59 photos
Images from the Slayer concert at the South Side Ballroom, 11/13/13 and 05/08/19 and the Pavilion, Dallas and Irving, Texas respectively

30 photos

90 photos
Images of Ghost, a Swedish band whose gimmick is occult imagery and sacrilegious lyrics. Their shows are always entertaining. I've seen them three times now and counting.

Avenged Sevenfold
66 photos
From the concert at the American Airlines Center, October 19, 2013, Dallas, Texas

The Safety Fire
18 photos

Depeche Mode
60 photos
These are photos from the 19th row at the Depeche Mode concert held at Gexa Pavilion in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas, September 20, 2013. I took these photos with my Canon PowerShot G1X.

29 photos
Chimaira with special guests Threat Signal and The Browning at Trees Dallas, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. The lighting was very low and uneven. I had to shoot with very high ISO and low shutter speed.

The Sword
53 photos
Sludgy, fuzzy metal from Austin, Texas.

Robert Plant
44 photos
Robert Plant touring with his band the Sensational Space Shifters from June 2013, The Palladium, Dallas, Texas

66 photos
Images from the Soundgarden show at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, Texas, 26 May, 2013. Setlist: Searching with My Good Eye Closed, Let Me Drown, Jesus Christ Pose, Attrition, Kickstand,...

Houston Museum of Natural Science
19 photos
Images from the Paleontology, Fabergé and Medici exhibitions. We also visited the Maya exhibition but no photography was allowed.

84 photos
Images from their concerts

The Devin Townsend Project
42 photos

Family and Friends 2013
80 photos, 1 video
Pictures from 2013

Christmas 2012
12 photos

79 photos
From the three shows I saw from them in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2021

41 photos
Some pictures from the HellYeah show I attended at the Palladium in south Dallas in December of 2012

In Flames
74 photos
Swedish band known for blistering music mixed with melodic elements. I really enjoy their music. These are photos from the three concerts I have seen of theirs.

21 photos
English band that plays a heavy metal with prog influences

Killswitch Engage / Shadows Falls / Acaro
72 photos
Images from the show at Trees in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, December 2, 2012.

75 photos
From their 30th anniversary tour in Dallas, Texas.

Camera Awesome
13 photos

New Order
31 photos
From the concert at the Palladium Ballroom, Dallas, Texas, 12 October 2012

Eric Johnson
43 photos
From two shows I have attended, one in 2011 and the other in 2012.

Iron Maiden
194 photos
Pictures from three shows I have attended of Iron Maiden

98 photos, 1 video
Images from the Rammstein concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, 22 May, 2012 and from a concert at the Gexa Pavilion in June, 2017

81 photos

Machine Head
87 photos, 2 videos

The Flatlanders
23 photos
From their show at the Granada Theater, 27 Jan, 2012, celebrating 40 years of making music together.

42 photos
Shots from some of the Trivium shows I have attended.

Xmas 2011
25 photos

Ian's Tenth Birthday
18 photos
At Alley Cats in Arlington, Texas

Between the Buried and Me
72 photos
These are photos I took of the band, Between the Buried and Me, from two different shows. One was at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas and the other with better photos from the House of...

Easy Leaves
4 photos

30 photos
August 10, 2011, Gexa Pavilion, Dallas, Texas

The Romantics
15 photos
From a concert at the Gexa Pavilion, Dallas, Texas, August 6, 2011

Def Leppard
23 photos
From the concert on August 6, 2011 at Gexa Pavilion, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas.

Swing Batter!
119 photos
Images of games I have attended at the Rangers Ballpark.

Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls Concert
79 photos
From the concert that took place at the Gexa Pavilion at Fair Park on June 7, 2011

Symphony X
124 photos

Other Concert Photos
136 photos
This is a collection of other concert photos I have usually done with a point and shoot camera because of venue regulations. I don't consider the number of photos for each band enough to warrant its...

The Psychedelic Furs
64 photos
Pictures from The Psychedelic Furs' concert at the Granada Theater, 24 April, 2011.

Guitar Masters Tour
26 photos
Eric Johnson, Peppino D'Agostino, Andy McKee

Reptiles and Amphibians
358 photos, 1 video
A growing collection of different cold-blooded, scaly creatures that I encounter.

Family and Friends II
228 photos

Ian's Sports
186 photos, 3 videos
Images of Ian and friends playing either soccer, basketball football or baseball

347 photos, 15 videos
Gabi's Competitive Cheer Groups, Frank Seale Middle School Cheerleading and Midlothian High School Varisty Cheerleading.

Vintage Family Photos
165 photos

159 photos

Family Videos
45 videos

Basketball 2010
15 photos

Snowstorm Feb 2010
21 photos
Images from the record snowfall in the D/FW area, February 2010

Wrens, Kinglets and Gnatcatchers
84 photos
From Cactus to Carolina...I wish I saw more of the other varieties but in my area I see mostly Bewick's.

Parrots and Parakeets
63 photos

78 photos
Various images from the U2 360º Tour 2009 and the Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour 2017

138 photos, 1 video
These photos are from two concerts that I have attended for Metallica. One is from 2009 at the AAC in Dallas and the other is from 2017 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Chickadees and Titmouses
80 photos

Insects, Spiders and Arthropods
373 photos

85 photos
I rarely get to see many warblers where I live so when I see one I try to take as many pictures as possible.

Shrikes and Vireos
42 photos

Ducks and Geese
276 photos
Waterfowl from various lakes, ponds and coastlines

Thrushes and Allies
255 photos

579 photos
Jewels with wings

Clay-colored Sparrows and Towhees
23 photos

101 photos

105 photos

258 photos, 2 videos

Cranes, Rails, Coots, Gallinules and Grebes
140 photos

Mockingbirds, Catbirds and Thrashers
68 photos

315 photos
Most of these birds can be quite charismatic with some very bright plumage. They are fun to watch chasing insects.

Cuckoos and Nightjars
120 photos
Strange birds but I find them fascinating.

Game Birds and Doves
210 photos, 1 video

Cardinals, Tanagers and Pyrrhuloxias
130 photos

Blackbirds, Orioles and Allies
157 photos

Red-tailed Hawks, White-tailed Hawks, Common...
147 photos

Through the Lens
207 photos
This is a catch-all album with anything from museum photos to architecture to quick snapshots.

Bovine and Equine
25 photos
These animals are not always on my list to photograph but they do have their own beauty.

Family and Friends
207 photos

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
35 photos
Images from Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. I shot all of these images while hanging out the window of my car. :-)

Various Zoo Trips
123 photos
My family and I love to take trips to the zoo. We go whenever we have the chance. This set is collection of some of the animals we enjoy observing.

Flowers and other plants
240 photos

Other Wildlife
134 photos, 2 videos