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User / S.F. Happiness / Refueling Sun?Le Soleil fait-il le plein?
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Genuine Image
As Captured on September 10, 2009 @20.03 Hrs (8:03 pm) from the Living of My New Residence in Antwerp / Belgium.

The lack of sharpness in this photo is only due to the fact that I was using a 18-55mm lens while the scenery was on a distance of about 30 km (18.5 Miles).

In fact, I was just capturing, what was for me, "a beautiful sunset" on a large horizon. The scenery of "The Sun & The Flame" was not visible to me through naked eyes. It is only while uploading the photo to my PC that I discovered the flame of the refinery connected to the sun.

If I knew timely about that amazing scenery, I would had used my 70-300mm lens and therefore got a very sharp image.
I cropped the photo till keeping that small part then enlarged it 200% to get this photo.

Apart from the cropping then enlarging, the photo is 100% genuine.
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  • Taken: Sep 10, 2009
  • Uploaded: Sep 15, 2009
  • Updated: Jun 23, 2017