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It has been a while since I have been in Tokyo but I definitely plan to come back, soon! Some days ago my Japanese exchange student friends left and I am really sad about it.

I actually watched the movie: LOST IN TRANSLATION two times just because of the good old times… If you don’t know it yet, watch it. It is a strange but really awesome movie.

This shot is from the top of the government building. I did some other photos from the same location. You can see them in the comment section.

As I am browsing through your Flickr streams I see that the Tokyo Sky Tree is close to be finished. I think it is going to be the highest building in Tokyo so I really have to come back soon, to bring you some new and fresh Tokyo shots from above.

The shot you see here has been taken shortly after the blue hour. One can still see enough light to recognize the buildings. It is just enough light to get a nice gradient between the light coming from the buildings and the buildings themselves.
I think the mood of the photo is pretty awesome!



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