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User / Snuffy / McDougald and Romain The Granary (1855), 105 Robinson Street, Oakville, ON
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Excerpt from oakvillehistory.org:

The Granary at 105 Robinson Street: Wheat from the farms of Trafalgar Township and lands to the north, followed timber as the second important commodity for Oakville and its harbour. Dealers in wheat at Oakville were among its most prosperous citizens.

The Granary was built on the site of an earlier warehouse (1836) owned by Alexander Proudfoot, merchant of Trafalgar Township, on Dundas Street. Proudfoot disposed of his Oakville interests, moving to Montreal in the 1850s.

At about that time, essentially on the Proudfoot warehouse site, Romain and MacDougald built this stone warehouse, using limestone ballast brought in by the Lake schooners, and stone from the Lake bottom, harvested by stone hookers. Internally, massive pine timbers support the floors of the building.

The Granary is the only Ontario stone warehouse of its type still standing on its original location.
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