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User / Snuffy / Statue of Ivan Hribar 1851-1941, Novi Square, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Excerpt from ljubljana.si:

To mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the mayoral term of Ivan Hribar – he was Mayor of Ljubljana from 1896 to 1910 – Ljubljana has a new sculpture of him in 2010.

The modern image of Ljubljana owes a great deal to Ivan Hribar, as he boldly invited architects and planners to add a secessionist style to the pre-existing medieval and baroque after the catastrophic earthquake of 1895. Thus the city was given its first ever urban plan.

For the Ivan Hribar sculpture, the City of Ljubljana prepared a tender in which three renowned Slovenian academic sculptors were invited to take part: Jakov Brdar, Mirsad Begić and Metod Frlic. The Commission unanimously chose to select the entry submitted by academic sculptor Mirsad Begić.

The sculptor has conceived and portrayed Ivan Hribar at the moment that he received a letter in which he obtained the Emperor's support for the post-earthquake renovation of Ljubljana.
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